Another day at the clinic!

While I am riding the waves of healing crisis, I’ll tell you a bit more about the treatment I am getting in the clinic, so that you have a clearer picture of what it all entails.

In the morning, Dr. Lee’s assistants call a number of patients from the waiting room. The assistants also bring him the patients’ files.

The patients take a seat in Dr. Lee’s examination room. Dr. Lee asks each patient how he/she feels and if he/she thinks he/she had a deviation. They are asked to put their YBA (Ying Yang Balancing Appliance) in their mouth and Dr. Lee then applies Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA) to check the balance of the jaw. The patient needs to firmly hold up a stretched arm, and Dr. Lee will try to pull it down while the patient consecutively touches the left cheek, the right cheek, the mouth, and the back of the head. In this way, the balance in all possible directions is tested. If one of the tests fails, i.e., if the arm is pulled down, a deviation has occurred and a new YBA needs to be made for renewed balance. Dr. Lee confirms this by having the patient (still wearing the YBA) bite on a strip of paper at the side where the deviation has occurred.

Before the new YBA is made, the patient lies down on Dr. Lee’s treatment table for a couple of special Chuna (chiropractics) manipulations, in order to realign the upper vertebrae C1 and C2. This only takes a minute.

In the meantime, one of Dr. Lee’s assistants is updating the patient file, indicating at which side the YBA needs to be adjusted, and also adjusting the thickness of the two paper stacks that are kept as a reference for each individual patient.

The assistant then mixes two blobs of two-component putty and quickly passes this to Dr. Lee. He spreads the blob on de lower incisors of the patient while inserting the reference paper stacks between the patient’s molars and asks the patient to bite. Dr. Lee then does some tiny adjustments, asking the patient to move the mandible until it is nicely aligned. All this is done while the patient is sitting in an extreme military posture. In this fashion the entire body and spine are ‘programmed’ to store this posture as the correct, balanced one.

One minute later, the putty has hardened and Dr. Lee’s assistant quickly makes a new blob and splits it in two. Dr. Lee splices the two parts at both ends of the already hardened piece, and reinserts the whole thing into the patient’s mouth, but this time without the paper stacks, obviously. (After all, the correct position of the mandible is already secured by the first hardened piece of putty.) Dr. Lee then quickly spreads the soft putty over the rest of the teeth and molars and asks the patient to bite again. One minute later, the patient can move on to the remainder of the treatment sequence.

After passing the hardened YBA to the assistants, the patient then lies, face down, on one of the pelvic-balancing tables. These are designed and built by Dr. Lee. There are two blocks supporting the pelvic bones (or anterior superior iliac spines), and special pillows supporting shoulders and chest, forehead, and legs. The table will resolve pelvic distortions, improve muscle strength, and balance the craneo-sacral system. Even ten minutes on the table already yield a long-term effect.

Once comfortably installed, Dr. Lee applies C-fiber balancing acupuncture. Within a matter of seconds he inserts up to 10 needles in neck, shoulders, and/or back, depending on the patient’s specific needs. This is almost completely painless, although I sometimes feel kind of an electrical shock when the needle goes in. The acupuncture itself is aimed at pain reduction and regulating Qi-energy, i.e., recovery of unbalanced Qi-energy of channels and collaterals in internal organs.

About 10 minutes later, the assistants come to remove the needles and to apply cupping therapy on the patient’s body. Around 20 to 30 small cups are placed on the neck, back and shoulders. The cups are attached by creating a vacuum using a little automatic pump. The purpose of cupping is to enhance bodily immunity by removing irregularities from the blood circulation. With all those cups snugly attached to my back, hardly able to move anymore, I often feel like a turtle (or at least how I think a turtle feels). In the beginning the skin under the cups became completely red (and blue, purple, and green a few days later). I felt quite bruised. But now my skin doesn’t show much discoloration anymore and I have started to like the feeling of the cups. Since I am quite lean with little body fat, the assistants sometimes have a hard time making the cups stick to my body, and I cannot help laughing when the just-attached cups keep losing their vacuum and falling down.

Anyway, after another 10 minutes, the assistants liberate the patient from the cups. Meanwhile they have trimmed the YBA with a cutter in order to remove excess putty at the edges. It then looks like this:

With the new YBA in his/her mouth, the patient then reports to Dr. Lee, who performs another RCA test to make sure that the YBA is properly made, i.e., provides the required balance.

Finally, the patient is invited to take a rest on a CST pillow, i.e., a craneo-sacral therapy pillow. It looks like this:

This is another invention of Dr. Lee. The pillow is designed to support the head in two ways, both providing a well-know CST technique, to be specific CRI (Cranial Rhythmic Impulse Technique) and CV4 (Compression of 4th Ventricle Technique). The techniques stimulate the respiratory function of the cranium and the sacrum, and promote circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid through the spinal canal and cranium. The head of the patient should rest at the point where it hurts the most. After a few minutes the pain subsides, and then the patient should slightly shift the head to find a new tender spot. It is advised to lie on the CST pillow for at least 20 minutes.

That is the whole sequence of one treatment. Usually it takes a little more than one hour in total.

The patient is dismissed to do exercises, to make long walks, to take herbal medicine, etc.  All the time, military posture needs to be maintained. And all the time, the patient keeps the YBA in his/her mouth. Until a deviation occurs. This is when the balance is disturbed and the patient starts to feel more/new symptoms, or any other obvious discomfort. At that moment, the YBA should be exchanged for the TBA (TMJ Balancing Appliance), also an invention of Dr. Lee. It looks like this:

Where the YBA is tailor-made, the TBA is a standard appliance with the same purpose. In conjunction with the YBA, the function of the TBA is to keep a free space in the temporomandibular joint and thus to preserve the result that the YBA has delivered. Actually, when not wearing the YBA, the patient should always wear the TBA, day and night – except when eating or when talking if you really have to do that. That was quite hard for me in the beginning, but now I got used to it.

When a deviation has occurred, the patient can go back to the clinic to get a new treatment and to go through the whole sequence again! This can be up to 5-6 times per day.

Dr. Lee is the spider in the web. He directs and manages everything that happens. He decides about every detail. He is an incredible multitasker, doing various things simultaneously and never missing a single step. His assistants also work very hard, literally running around to perform all the required tasks.

A minimal gesture of Dr. Lee is enough for them to comply with his wishes. Without any slack time, they guide the patients to their destinations. And they are always friendly and keep smiling. I really admire them for that. Fortunately, they are also able to have a good laugh together, between whiles. And Dr. Lee’s students, the doctors and dentists, always stand indefatigably next to the treatment table and watch everything that happens, taking notes, sometimes supporting Dr. Lee with CRA testing, and translating his explanations for me into English.

So the clinic is a busy place. And it is getting busier by the day. Dr. Lee recently started to appear on television for weekly Q&A sessions with patients throughout the country. With a million spectators of the program, this is immediately noticeable in the number of new intakes, which has more than tripled I think.

So it’s up to me now to get well and make place for new patients!


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  1. Dear CCD,
    Thank you for keeping us updated. The whole thing is very interesting. Sorry for not commenting earlier. Saw before that you said that you felt a reverse in you well being. But you also said it was expected according to Dr. lee. I know this from Chinese traditional medicin. They believe you must get worse before you get better. hope that the worse time is over and that you start to feel some real benefits from the treatment. I understand a lot of what you are going through as I have had intensive acupuncture in China and also had some other treatments unknown to us westerners. I haven not had the cupping but the spooning and I was like a rainbow in yellow, green and blue on the neck afterwards. The doctor said it does not matter. But she was not the one who had to go out in the streets looking like somebody had tried to strangled you. It seems to make a lot of sense the alignment of the jaw. I have Meige’s syndrom which also give me great discomfort in the jaw area. I have a feeling of having lost my mouth, I don’t know where the teeth are suposed to meet and they move involuntary. Chewing is also a big problem. Sounds like you are in very good hands with a very good dr and a good professional set up. Good for Dystonia that he is on tv, it increases the knowledge with the general public. Hope it spreads to the West as well. We need many more Dr. Lees.
    Apart from your treatment how do you like the country?. Do you have time to meet some people and feel the culture etc?
    All the best for now, looking forward to hear your next update.

    • Good to know that you are familiar with the type of treatments and with the concept of getting worse before getting better! I am still fighting my symptoms, so I am not really seeing a breakthrough yet. But maybe that will happen soon. Yesterday I did not have a single deviation during the entire day, which is a sign of balance. So maybe the healing crisis is about to subside?
      I had a spooning treatment one year ago, so I can imagine what you must have looked like! It seems that there are people with dystonia who have a great benefit from it. Which of the Chinese treatments had the biggest impact for you?
      Anyway, Dr. Lee is indeed treating people with blepharospasm and oromandibular dystonia, so you should be in good hands with him as well!
      I do like the country. To me it’s a mix between Japan and Italy, two countries I know well. At first glance, it looks a lot like Japan, but upon closer inspection one notices that there is more chaos, more noise, and mess. The people seem to have kind of a Mediterranean temperament. Most people do not speak English here, so my possibilities are limited. But at the clinic there are several people who speak English rather well. One of Dr. Lee’s students is doing an internship here, so he is here all the time. I occasionally have dinner with him, and he helps me out when the washing machine has an error. He also has a great sense of humor, so I enjoy being with him. The other doctors and dentists at the clinic often approach me and show me their support, which feels great. Other than that, I love the food. I do not eat meat (unfortunately, because Korean BBQ is delicious and smells delicious), but there are lots of alternatives with vegetables. And the weather is so perfect: always sunny and warm. I love it. So I can definitely manage!

    • Hello, Is there somewhere I can purchase a cst pillow (standard or premium depending on the price, not sure yet.) I have had a very difficult time navigating the Korean websites even when I choose to have it in English! Thank you!

      • Hello, thanks for your comments! I can recommend you to send an inquiry in English to Dr. Lee’s email address:

        And if you have time, please do share your story, your approach to heal yourself, and your thoughts about the information on this blog!

  2. Thanks for all your writing efforts!!
    Very interesting routine and procedures. A deviation did not occur!…!……this is happening much faster than expected. So what does this mean? will you be leaving soon?
    I imagine leaving will be a little scary since Dr. Lee is more than just your doctor, he is a pillar of strength, your support system!
    I still don’t entirely understand the premise of the jaw work. Is it as simple as a jaw misalignment causing the whole structure to be misaligned, thus obstructing the spinal cord to the brain?

    • Not too fast! It is a very positive sign that I had no deviation yesterday, but I still feel the symptoms. As far as I’m concerned I am not yet past the crisis stage.
      As for the jaw, no, I do not think that the jaw alignment is causing the whole structure to be misaligned. The starting point is that the whole spinal structure is misaligned, including the jaw. The jaw however appears to provide a powerful means of realigning the structure. Does this make sense?

      • Yes, it makes sense. I know after chiropractic, (the atlas orthoganol method) it seems to really reduce the symptoms, suggesting to me that fixing the structure is one of the keys to healing.

  3. Hello

    I wonder if it takes long time to respond to e at the clinic a month ago I wrote and I have not received a response. As you mention, I guess the dr. Lee has much work. How long before you have to make an appointment to assess whether a patient can be cured?
    I wonder also if the line ln the joint, teeth desplazantambién as orthodontic treatment.
    Another question, how much is each treatment?. I would love to travel to Korea, but would have to apply for leave in my work because I guess it s hard to know what treatment will last. I have a lot of questions, for example, if the dystonia is caused by a medication should it also be treated?.
    Well, I hope I can clarify some of these issues and that you fully recover soon.


    • Thanks for your message! I checked with Dr. Lee, and he says he has never received you inquiry. Could you please send it again to Please also send it CC to
      For making an appointment, the clinic is very flexible. So, for example, if you decide to come next week, there will be no problem to get an appointment.
      Regarding the teeth, there is no orthodontic treatment involved. The teeth may change their position a little bit, during the treatment period. This is due to wearing the YBA and TBA, which are aiming to align the jaws (and teeth).
      The treatment result should be permanent. So once cured, you will stay cured.
      I think that dystonia caused by medication can also be treated with FCST, unless Dr. Lee finds that there is no disturbance in the body-brain communication. He will be able to diagnose this when you are in the clinic.
      Please let me know if you have any other questions. And do not hesitate to send your questions to Dr. Lee. He will take the time to answer them in detail. Kindest regards from Cheonan!

  4. Thank you so much for explaining about the treatment in detail, which I’ve been interested for a while. I got much more clear picture now, though it’s a bit hard to get YBA procedures without actually seeing. Sounds like the clinic does the treatment very efficiently. You are lucky to get Dr. Lee’s treatment before clinic is overcrowded because of the TV appearance!
    Do you think can Dr. Lee cure for those who has the CD but doesn’t have TMD, or he assumes that every adult has some degree of TMD? I confirmed last month by a dentist from full month X-rey that I don’t have TMD. I also checked a long list of potential sings of TMD but I don’t seem to have any of it – except some stress.
    Also, do you know how those completely-cured CD patients by Dr. Lee’s FCST treatments are doing after months and years? Does the clinic have follow-up research?

    • I have just added more photograps to the post. I hope it makes more sense with them!
      Mmm, interesting question about TMD. In principle, all of his patients have some form of TMD. I don’t think taking a photograph or X-ray would be enough for Dr. Lee to test the presence of TMD. He has his proprietary ways to test jaw balance. Remember that the balance of the jaw is very delicate in Dr. Lee’s FCST: just one additional strip of paper between the teeth will create (or disturb) the balance. I will ask him!
      Today I have seen a lot more patient videos of recovered patients. Many of them recovered several (5-10) years ago. According to Dr. Lee and his staff, none of these patients ever needed to come back for treatment.

      • That’s great to hear, it should help you with positive thinking!!
        We all want to see a healing happen for you and I feel confident it will. Last night needing to send out some prayers, I tried sending one out for you, and I realized I don’t know your real name. in order for a prayer to work, we need to know your real name, your first name, if you feel comfortable letting us know.

      • Thank you very much for adding nice photos! Yes, it explains a lot better. Wow, so many cups! I agree that you don’t seem to have CD in the photo and look great. I’m kind of surprised to know that realignment of the upper vertebrae C1 and C2 takes only a minute since I thought this is the core part of the treatment. It’s great to know that there is no returning patients! Yes, please let me know if you found anything about whether non-TMD presence matter for the treatment. Thank you.

        • Thanks! But I still need to be here. When I walk, I have symptoms…
          Alignment of C1 and C2 actually only takes 15 seconds with Dr. Lee’s chiropractics. But the effect will only last for one hour. A more fundamental balance needs to be obtained by means of jaw alignment.
          I’ll ask about the TMD. Clinic was closed today.

        • Dolphin if you end up going to a chiropractor to get relief, be sure it is an upper cervical chiro.
          there are different methods, atlas orthoganol, nucca, the blair method and a few others. A regular chiropractor will only make the condition worse, the kind that snap your neck into place will only aggravate the c1 and c2 and worsen the situation. It has helped me a lot, but because our neck muscles are so tight the alignment doesn’t last long. Doing the strc program that will gradually heal the muscles and then realigning will allow the adjustment to hold.

          • sunflowersprout: Thank you for your advice about chiropractor. Last week I called a upper cervical chiropractor who listed the CD on his website as one of his specialty, but when I called he didn’t even know about CD, which was turn off. Though my purpose of getting chiropractic would be to align my spine to help correct posture, I feel more comfortable for getting treatment from who knows about CD, which would be rare. I agree that we can benefit more from the STRC program – exercise and massage, so probably I’ll stick with it.

        • I had the occasion to ask the good doctor about TMD. He says that dentists and orthodontists make TMD diagnoses only based on photographs, looking at the structure. Possibly dentists have another definition of TMD, i.e., according to them there is no TMD when the structure looks okay from the outside, and when certain symptoms from a list aren’t present.
          However, to Dr. Lee TMD means something else. He tests the balance of the jaw, in relation with the entire spine, and the entire body for that matter. If there is unbalance, he diagnoses TMD.
          He said that many of his patients have had their jaws tested on TMD by orthodontists, with negative results. However, when they came to his clinic, Dr. Lee did establish a balance issue in the jaw, which meant TMD to him. Now that I come to think of it, I don’t think that he has ever had a patient with balance issues (like CD) without unbalance in their jaw.
          I hope this clarifies his point of view?

          • I think the reason all cd people have an imbalance in the jaw is because of the tight muscles in the neck, makes the jaw muscles tight and pulls the jaw out of alignment to some degree.
            I notice mine is a little off now, but it never used to be.

          • Definitely. The whole chain is interconnected. Dr. Lee calls it the collapse of the spinal (and pelvic and craneal) structure.

          • CCD: Thank you so much for asking and clarifying about the Dr. Lee’s view about TMD. I was in fact guessing the similar idea on his view and you clarified it! Good to know that I may also have a possibility to get a benefit from that treatment even I don’t seems to have TMD. Many people in this stressful world clench the jaw unintentionally so that yoga and AT instructors must remind to release it again and again!

          • Yes, he told me: structural unbalance of spine and nervous system, negative state of mind, living habits, eating habits. On page 40 of FCST Theory 1 (see the Documents section of this blog), he lists a few more causes. These are the causes he sees across all disorders that he treats, not only CD.
            But keep in mind that he is really not that concerned with causes, he is concerned with healing.

  5. It’s so good to hear that you are still working positively on your healing process and that the treatments are on a daily basis and that they appear to be very professional. Would Dr. Lee be interested to get his clinic and way of working known in the Netherlands/the West? Could you maybe do some video & sound recordings there and maybe make it personal as well by filming yourself in different situations and record yourself in front of a mirror talking how you feel in different situations?
    I think it could be very interesting for Dutch TV, maybe making it also an isuue that medicine and doctors here don’t include the whole body (most of the time) and that apparantly you have to fly to Asia in order to get a helpful and curing treatment!
    Let me know, because then I can give you tips how to get the best video- and sound material for a TV documentary…

    • Thanks a lot for your message, my dear friend.
      Yes, I think Dr. Lee would be interested to become known outside Korea. And I think that other countries could benefit from his expertise! He is already making patient videos of me on a daily basis – standard procedure. That footage doesn’t have a lot of information depth though, since our communication in English is limited. Your idea to add shots in different situations is very good, but I am so busy with everything I do, that I simply wouldn’t know where to find the time right now ;-) But let’s keep this possibility in mind! Thanks!

  6. Great pics thank you!!
    Hey you look like a James Bond type character when your in the picture with the 3 gals. You look so naturally straight, hard to believe you still have symptoms.

    • I was trying to make pictures of the girls, but they tried to escape. Then Dr. lee jumped in and made a few pictures with all of us together. Then they couldn’t refuse anymore. I have come a long way indeed. I can stand and sit and talk and write without major problems. The problems come when I walk… Anyway, Dr. Lee also finds it hard to believe that I still have symptoms, since I am responding well to the treatment. So he says it’s between the ears. I guess it is, to some extent. If you read the new section Perspectives that I have just added, you’ll see why.

  7. Hola.
    Para muchos de nosotros nos es imposible viajar a corea del Sur. Te comente que sufro de distonia focal (calambre de escribiente).Para nosotros existe alguna sugerencia medica por parte del Dr Lee que nos indique que tratamiento podriamos seguir?.Actualmente me estan infiltrando terapia neural(procaina al 2%) y terapias de quelacion(EDTA).

    • Bueno, el Dr. Lee sólo trabaja con FCST y no se preocupa mucho con otros tratamientos. Probablemente va a decirte que si un tratamiento específico no restablece la comunicación entre cerebro y cuerpo, no va a proporcionar una cura tampoco.
      Personalmente, creo que la terapia de quelación puede ser muy útil. En la página Tratamientos de este blog, encontrarás un enlace a una historia de una mujer que ha quelado metales pesados ​​fuera de su sistema, y así curó su distonía.
      Para obtener informaciónes más específicas quisiera pedirte de ponerte en contacto con el Dr. Lee directamente. ¡Buena suerte!

  8. je wordt al een expert, mooi om te zien dat je andere mensen van dienst kan zijn. Weer goed om te lezen wat je allemaal meemaakt, en de foto’s geven al een redelijk beeld hoe het er aan toe gaat. Ben benieuwd naar je belevingen met de cultuur en de mensen daar. Succes en geniet er ook weer van.

    • Dank! Voor cultuur nog niet echt heel veel tijd gehad, maar zie mijn antwoord and Carina in de thread van commentaren onder Another day at the clinic. Binnenkort zal ik wel iets meer schrijven over mijn beleving van de cultuur hier!

  9. Dear CCD, so glad to hear and see how well you are doing. It is a very interesting mix of treatments and I am very excited to find out your outcome. I am curious to hear from yourself and others how much of the day your mind is occupied by thinking about CD. I guess while you are going through this treatment, it is really the central focus, but on your days off and in the past. I spend so much of my time and energy thinking and worrying about CD, how to get it better, how to try and appear normal, is this movement or that position good or bad for it, etc. I think if I could just get it off my mind, that would go a long way toward healing, but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet. For me, it is almost always there (even if just in the back of my mind). Only if I am working on something that requires a very high level of focus, then it is gone, but most daily tasks do not require this. I guess this gets to the positive state of mind that Dr. Lee emphasizes. If anyone has any ideas on this, I would appreciate it. I have tried to meditate, but have a hard time clearing my mind, and even if I could, it would seem that would only help during the actual meditation time, although I could be wrong about this. I am also curious to know if Dr. Lee has any advice on sleeping conditions, position, pillow, etc. that help to avoid aggrivating the condition. Continuing to send you positive thoughts, take care.

    • Nice to hear back from you! The subject you are raising is a sensitive one, to me, and I think to most of us. Yes, CD is always present. For me, the sympoms especially show up when I am walking. Sometimes that makes me afraid to start walking, and to start feeling those symptoms again. And like you, I am also a bit bothered by others being able to see me. (Although yesterday, one of the doctors at the clinic saw me walking and then told me: “You, CD? Never!” That’s nice to hear, and shows how far I already got. But I still suffer…)
      There is this little voice in the back of my head that says: “You see, there the symptoms are again. They will always be there, no matter what you do.” And that’s a scary thing to hear. I suppose you can imagine. This voice comes from our negative believes about ourselves. See the page Perspectives of this blog. Those negative beliefs aren’t true however. Don’t we deserve good things in life? Are we worth that little? Do good things only happen to other people? No!!! Intrinsically we have the same worth as anybody else. We deserve the same happiness as anybody else. We only need to realize that. And we need to tell this little voice to shut up and go elsewhere, since it doesn’t appreciate all the good things that we are and have. The negative beliefs came about when we were hurt, and they sticked to us. But the core of our being is totally good and positive.
      Yet, it is not easy to make that voice go away. Only when we can be ourselves whole-heartedly, in a flow, when we stop trying to control ourselves and everything (see the Phenomena page) our symptoms will go. At that moment, the little voice isn’t there. And we temporarily enjoy being whole. Now it’s just a matter of making the temporary aspect more definite. To that end, we need to understand why we got this condition (see Perspectives), so that we can process it and let it go. At this moment I am working on other, practical ways to make the voice go away, or better: to replace it by positive energy. Try to feel love, appreciation, and gratitude whenever you can! Meditation helps. And I think the Buddhist Ah & Ohm sound meditation could be very useful! Please try it: I will soon write more about this.
      As for sleeping, Dr. Lee says that I can sleep in any position that feels comfortable. STRC had me sleep on my back, but I am now (again) also sleeping on my side, much to my relief.

  10. I was there, too. My mind is still occupied with CD whenever I need to walk in public, including at work, and when I’m reading this blog (and writing) :) In general, it seems CD symptoms and awareness can temporarily go away when doing something he/she likes. As discussed in elsewhere in this blog, the “something” is vary person to person (and individual’s CD conditions), but most of us probably experience that when taking Jacuzzi. Some have that moment while doing housework, and I personally do when reading, writing (typing), watching interesting things on TV/video, focusing jobs front of PC, eating something nice, swimming, etc – all doesn’t require walking so I can shift my mind from myself. Moving – particularly working – will remind us about CD, so it’s probably nice to focus on something you like that doesn’t have to move around. When walking outside, try to shift your attentions to others (people, flowers, etc.) instead of yourself and try not to concern other people’s eyes – I’m working on those, too. The Alexander Technique has some level of meditation effect to me and reliefs fatigue. The STRC program may be helpful for you, too. I’m curious about Dr. Lee’s input about sleeping position, too. Take care!

    • Don’t worry. we can all heal. I read even miss firing neurons can heal. We can heal our spine our stucture as ccd is doing, and we can heal our neurological system with certain plant materials, antioxidants. Our bodies can be regenerated. But we must heal the trauma, that is what is causing this. The trauma can be undone it can be healed also. Read the page on perspectives, this is what causes cd. It happened to us and it can also be undone and healed. Yes cd never let’s us forget it is with us, it is always there tugging away, pulling constantly.
      We can recover and eventually hea,l together we can do it!!

    • Yes, doing something we like definitely helps! But be careful, trying to ignore or avoid CD won’t be helpful. We have been ignoring ourselves for most of our lives, getting more and more stuck. We need flow, genuine feelings, genuine appreciation of ourselves. We need to see CD as a condition that is attached to us (for now), but not more than that. We need to understand what its message to us is, thoroughly feel and incorporate the message, and then let go… :-)

    • Thank you all for your kind words and advice. It brings me much comfort to know that I am not alone in this. No doubt you all know how lonely it can feel at times. I have to put aside my healing for now to focus on my mother who is in hospice for brain cancer. I am determined to heal myself now more than ever for her. She worried so much about me in the past few years (as I did about her). She was the only one who I could tell truly knew there was something wrong without me saying a word. I tried my best to assure her that I was fine so she could focus on her own health but she knew better. I know that I have to stop trying to escape from it and really figure it out. You are so right CCD about that voice telling me it will always be there, I really hate that voice! I must have got CD for a reason, just have to figure out what that is.

      • Sorry to hear that your mother is so ill and that it bothers you a lot! I can imagine that you want to take good care of her. But let me ask you not to let that keep you from healing yourself! The fact that we always put the needs of others before our own needs, is part of the key to CD. And it is not good for us. Why not take very good care of yourself, start healing, and at the same time take good care of your mother? Why postpone? The only thing you need to start the healing, is to decide that you will do so. As simple as that. And you can spend as much (or as little) time every day to consciously work on the healing. (I really recommend the Ah & Ohm meditation; see my previous comment.)
        Another thing, also typical for CD, is that in the first place we need to heal for ourselves! Not for someone else – no matter how much we love them.
        If you want to understand how to keep that voice at bay, and if you want to understand what is causing CD, please read the two sections Phenomena and Perspectives (in that order) of this blog. Please read it all, and let us know what you found there. I think that, while you’re reading, your healing process will start.
        Take care.

  11. I just suddenly remember one of my cousin has the similar CD symptom, His head is only on the left side, It’s hard for him to speak because he felt really tired cause I often asked him but he just talked a little bit or just smiled. It happened with him since he was a child. And It seems really hard for him to go here and have a treatment at the clinic. But one of my colleague told me that if he wears TBA, it will be better for him.
    I think I will research more this symptom and try to help him. Thank you for your information here. It is very informative for me also! Keep watching your progress!

    • Thanks a lot for your message. Please ask your cousin if he has seen a neurologist, and what the diagnoses of his symptoms was. With the diagnosis, it will be easy to determine wether Dr. Lee can help. If he has no official diagnosis, then just try to learn more about his specific symptoms. Good luck!

  12. Thank you very much for your blog CCD.

    I’m 43 years old and have been suffering from torticollis for the past 13 years.
    I’ve tried all kinds of things to remedy this disease, to no avail.
    It would be an understatement to say that I’m very interested in coming to South Korea to try dr. Lee’s method – I’m also from the Netherlands btw.

    Could you please write something about the cost of this treatment per month and the approximate monthly rent/food cost? Thursday I have mailed dr. Lee directly but he seems to be too busy at the moment to answer his emails. I hope I’m not too late already with such a sharp rise in popularity of this treatment.

    Kind regards,


    • Thanks a lot for your comments. As for the cost of the treatment, it has very recently been changed. You’ll have to get the details from Dr. Lee. I know there are several package deals, with discount options. But I can already tell you it’s not cheap. You have to think thousands of euros. The clinic is getting very busy indeed, but I think there will always be some space for a new patient. Don’t worry about that.

      I think it is possible to rent a small studio here for about 300-400 euro per month. You’ll have to get in touch with the clinic. They’ll be able to communicate with the landlords in your name. As for the cost of food, that is amazing. I just had a great dinner, with several side dishes for Eur 3,50. In some restaurants you may pay twice that price, but it never gets far beyond that level.

      I’ll remind Dr. Lee about your inquiry. Good luck!

  13. Good news!
    Some ten minutes after your reply dr. Lee contacted me. I will have to negotiate with my family to borrow the money, but as soon as I hopefully get their OK, I will be flying over to South Korea. Probably for the duration of a month only because that is about as much as we can afford at the moment. Do you think a month could be enough for some tangible results? Hopefully I can we can exchange some practical info via email when the plans here have reached a more concrete phase. All the best, RC

  14. Hi nice to hear all that from you. I am from Punjab, India. I am 55 and Torticollis patient since lasr 6 years. I have two questions.
    1. How much is duration of treatment.
    2. How much is cost involved.

    • Nice to hear from someone from India as well! Did you see that in the Treatments section of this blog, there is information about a torticollis treatment in India?
      As for the treatment in Korea, I think you will need at least 6 months for the treatment if you really want to recover. And perhaps more. After having been there, that is my personal opinion. As for the cost, I really cannot tell you. So please contact the clinic directly for a quote. It is costly though.
      Can you tell us a bit more about your history? Do you understand why you got CD? And what have you tried to alleviate your symptoms, so far?
      Stay tuned!

  15. Hi CCD,

    How did you find the treatment with Dr Lee? Has it improved your symptoms at all? I have cervical dystonia and am looking for possible treatment options. I live in Australia and treatment as well as information on dystonia is very limited.

    • Hello Josie,

      Dr. Lee had been posting videos on Youtube for some time. That’s how I found him.

      Did the treatment in Korea improve my symptoms at all? Yes and no. No, because I tried to heal myself at a great rapid speed. (See my earlier posts about that subject.) And yes, because it made me understand the mechanism of healing much better. It is alright to select a specific treatment, but it is much more important to love yourself, to release your trauma, to let go of rigid control and start living with flow. That is the real lesson we learn from CD. Once you learn that lesson, you can heal. With or without treatment. And any treatment is fine, as long as you feel it is helping you. So really, there is no need to focus on a specific treatment. People with CD have healed applying a variety of treatments. But the commonality between these people is that they resolved the above-mentioned things in their life.

      Hope this helps!


      • Thankyou for your honesty and advice. Stress management is very important in CD as well as releasing trauma, which I am in the process of doing at the moment. As you said, there are several different techniques and what might work for one person might not for the next. Thanks again.

  16. Isn’t cervical dystonia a neurological condition or a spine condition????? Very confused
    And how much do these treatments cost and do you stay in your own apartment or together with the other patients ?? Lease let me know all of the above I just got diagnosed with cervical dystonia and I am freaking out even though it’s mild I am depressed need help please asap I am willing to travel the world for a cure I am only 28 yrs old….very sad :(

    • Hi Ada,

      I recommend you to first read the pages Phenomena and Perspectives of this blog. This will help to understand your issue a bit better. Then decide to work on resolving the trauma through a body-oriented (trauma) therapy like Somatic Experiencing, Brain Spotting, Presence Process.

      Let me know if you have any questions.


  17. I live in the UK near London and was trying to find a suitable practitioner who can treat a possible TMJ disorder that is causing cervical dystonia. Any information regarding this matter old be gratefully appreciated. Many thanks.

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