On the brink of the new year, I feel inspired to share some further points of view regarding the meaning of CD.

The chakra system provides a fascinating tool to clarify relations between body, mind, heart, and spirit. Since CD is so very obviously reflecting imbalance of the 5th chakra (or throat chakra), it is worthwhile to explore the symbolic meaning of this chakra and to see how it is linked to CD.
Generally speaking, the 5th chakra is the center of willpower and self-expression. The spiritual lessons we can learn in this domain are: taking responsibility for our actions, having faith, being truthful, and surrendering personal will for divine will.

We can disentangle willpower and self-expression by viewing these aspects from multiple angles, which are all correlated yet slightly different. Below I am giving you the various angles or sub-aspects that I was able to identify, including a brief description, as well as a few words on what disturbance of the sub-aspect generally entails. I subsequently make the situation of disturbance more specific for CD.

The 5th chakra is the center of willpower, where mental and emotional intention are combined into will, giving direction for life.

  • Disturbance
    One-sided fuelling of willpower, e.g., driven only by the ego and by thinking (mental), or only by fear (emotional).
  • CD
    We are highly disciplined to control life circumstances after having suffered trauma, working around emotional blockages and hurt, living in a planned, strategic, and systematic way. But this apparent control is just an illusion. Our willpower is strongly ego-driven, very one-sided, thus deactivating the natural flow of life. The balance between mind, feelings, and bodily sensations is gone. The aspects of being out of control and of one-sidedness and imbalance are physically reflected in our neck condition.

The 5th chakra is also about making actual decisions and choices, which are the consequence of willpower. Choice is an act of (will)power, with tangible influence in life. Making conscious choices means taking responsibility for our actions.

  • Disturbance
    Choices based on fear and lack of self-love, following others in choices, inability to decide, mindless and/or emotionless patterns, escape from conscious choice, addictions.
  • CD
    We make our choices to avoid pain and anger, and to prevent losing control. At the same time we are feeling responsible for others more than ourselves (lack of self-love). Escaping in emotionless patterns and actions, the ego keeps us going on without room for relaxation, flexibility and improvisation. This is mirrored in mindless physical spasms and rigidity in our necks. We got stuck off-center, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Decisions are usually made with respect to our beliefs, truths, and knowledge. Therefore, we may say that belief is an act of will and in this way governed by the 5th chakra.

  • Disturbance
    In case of fear-inspired decisions, there is no actual belief in the wanted outcome of the decisions, and this negative belief will create negative circumstances, i.e., will manifest the feared situations.
  • CD
    Our fear to be out of control makes us believe we cannot live in flow, expressing ourselves freely. We believe we are less worth and unable to be who we truly are. We have a rather negative self-image, due to lack of true self-knowledge and self-love. Therefore we believe we have to strive for extreme perfectionism in everything we do.

The 5th chakra stands for communication of our authentic thoughts, truths, and emotions, to others as well as to ourselves. Creativity is part and parcel of communication, especially in oral, written, and musical forms.

  • Disturbance
    Inauthenticity, dishonesty, lying, yelling, gossip, ignorance, denial.
  • CD
    Agreeableness, not saying what we really want, reduced openness, suppression of emotions in general, difficulty to express negative feelings, in particular anger. Feeling disconnected from our core, not seeing and not showing ourselves as we are, demanding ourselves to be perfect instead of just who we are.

Receiving is closely related – in fact almost equal – to expressing. We receive what we express from inside. The 5th chakra is therefore associated with abundance, as well as with lack of it.

  • Disturbance
    Manifesting negativity in the outer world by the spoken word and other means of expression.
  • CD
    We manifest rigidity in the outer, physical world due to our inner rigidity. Our perfectionism may help us to receive enough abundance in the material world, but that won’t fulfill us. We manifest situations that make us suffer and experience lack due to our lack of self-love.

Like receiving, perception of the outer world (as well as of the self) is the flip-side of expression of the self. Perception is the inward component of communication, like listening and clairaudience, and therefore also ruled by the 5th chakra.

  • Disturbance
    Fear that others, i.e., the external world, have authority over our life. Fear of being out of control. Judgment and criticism.
  • CD
    Focus on the outer world, wanting for things to happen outside us, taking care more of others than ourselves, fear of conflict, social phobia. Fear of losing control. Perfectionism, which drives us to judgments and criticism, constantly blaming others and ourselves. Open, unbiased and flexible perception of, and orientation on, our world has become impossible. We lost all flexibility in our center of perception, getting stuck, even physically.

The 5th chakra constitutes the doorway between body and head, between heart and mind. It borders the domain of the upper chakras, which govern spiritual growth.

  • Disturbance
    When the 5th chakra isn’t open, a disconnect between heart and head will obviously lead to stuckness, lack of flow. Emotions and mind are not aligned and out of sync.
  • CD
    We are living in our heads, we lost the connection with the rest of our body. Our physical body literally shows us the disconnect in the neck, shows us the blockage in this channel between heart and head, between the physical and the mental – as well as the spiritual.

The antidote to the above described CD problems is easily defined.

  • Resolve trauma and emotional blockage

  • Face and transcend fear, anger and hurt

  • Identify and transform negative beliefs in order to have faith

  • Stop blaming others and take responsibility for your own choices and actions

  • Allow mental processes to become supporting instead of leading

  • Reconnect with your body, feel its sensations and its needs

  • Identify the choices in your life that weren’t authentic (‘confession’)

  • Identify your own truths and communicate them

  • Know yourself and accept yourself the way you are

  • Release judgment, embrace gratitude and compassion

  • Understand that your outer world is a reflection of your inner world

  • Realign with your core self, i.e. with your divine will, with natural flow

  • Do and say what is authentic for you: be creative, follow your passions

It thus appears that the 5th chakra with CD is calling us to grow spiritually. Within this framework, I came across an interesting piece of information, which might provide another link to CD. In the neck, at the base of the skull, another lesser-known chakra has been recognized: the alter major chakra. It is said to energetically interconnect the higher, spiritually oriented chakras. (The 6th chakra accesses our inner world, and the 7th chakra provides a view of our outer world.) When the alter major chakra is opened, it shows us oneness, i.e., reveals that our inner and outer worlds are reflections of one another. It powers our instincts, our knowing without thinking. It provides a channel to the cosmos, to the collective consciousness. Opening this chakra allows us to make a dramatic shift in awareness.

In my search for transcendental consciousness, I have recently experienced authentic self-expression. Thanks to this experience it has become so clear to me that authenticity had been lacking in my life. Prior to getting CD, I used to make my decisions based on reason only, I used not to listen to my heart, I used to ignore my emotions and bodily sensations and I have therefore not been able to show myself as who I truly am, not even to myself. I knew that already on a mental level, but now I also felt it so clearly. During the transcendental experience, I sensed and saw an intense flow of energy, of my own spirit or life force, going through my body, freely, without any emotional blockages. And then I started speaking like an oracle. The words were coming from the core of my being. It felt so good to use my voice and to enjoy its vibration. It felt so great that the things I was saying were completely authentic. I didn’t need to use my mind at all, to say what I said. The words and sentences just gushed out in an automatic stream, straight from my soul, from who I really am, with exactly the right intention and intonation. My body, mind, heart, and soul were one. I was playing, composing, sketching and painting with words. I was at home with myself, I was connected with all that is, and I felt an intense love.

Now that I have experienced this, I know exactly what it feels like to be healed, to be whole again. Once I am able to be this authentic all the time, CD will be gone. The remainder of my emotional blockages, i.e., trauma, needs to be cleared for that. Having said that, I realize that resolving CD hasn’t been my main objective for quite some time now. I just want to be emotionally free and to be and to love who I truly am.

I wish you all an Authentic You!

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  1. Amazing timing. I will take care to read your article in more depth soon as i’m on my way out for the day. I had my chakras cleared a month ago (Reiki) and since then have been performing self healing Reiki every day. I cannot begin to tell you how incredible I feel. I had 2 sessions a week apart. In the first only the crown chakra was open and the practitioner managed to open one more at my throat. That day, two hours later I met a friend and when I opened my mouth I couldn’t believe the sound of my voice – much higher than usual and more ‘sing song’ (I can always tell how I am by my voice). In the first session he said that one of my problems is that I cannot give, which is exactly what I’d worked out the day before. I was resisting everything. I had been doing TM, which has been amazing and drastically reduced inner stress, but I was still resisting – I couldn’t show any physical affection, compliment anyone – give anything. A week later, after doing self Reiki on my chakras, the practitioner opened the rest of my blocked chakras. I can’t begin to tell you how amazing I felt afterwards and this feeling has continued since then. We have good, old friends staying with us and they cannot believe the difference. The one friend said to his wife “I thought Lee-Ann had that neurological condition, but I can’t see it anymore”. I’m open, confident, super chilled, happy, excitable,can talk to anyone even in big groups. We had a party for 70 people 3 days ago and normally my lips would be shaking and I’d battle to talk, but I was even better than confident…I was on a complete high. I haven’t thought about CD once since then. The thought doesn’t even enter my head.

    So, what I have found works for me is Feldenkrais for mobility, Transcendental Meditation to lower stress levels and increase concentration (no more foggy head) and Reiki to clear your chakras and self Reiki every day to stop resisting and be able to give. One last thing I’d add is to always keep in mind that you don’t care what the consequences are. Sorry not very well put but am in a hurry. I.e. if you have a dinner, don’t have expectations. Just let the dinner evolve. I guess this means that you also stop trying to control the event. Que sera, sera.

    • Hi Lee-Ann,

      Nice to hear from you! It’t been a while. You had some family coming over and would report back after that – and then things went silent. But I can see you have been busy growing, as usual!

      Very interesting story, about that chakra healing you had. It has some similarities with my experience. I can also identify with the giving issue. I recently realized that I have much more to give than I had been doing. (Although giving doesn’t have much to do with the 5th chakra, or does it?)

      I totally agree with your remark on consequences and control. I have one more thing to add here: circumstances don’t matter, only state of being does. The circumstances are just a reflection of your state of being, and therefore secundary. So, consequences and circumstances cannot be controlled by the mind, i.e., by thinking, planning and worrying.

      Anyway, great to hear that you are doing so well! And I wonder: do you still also continue with the presence process?

      Looking forward to getting your further feedback to my latest post(s) – if you have the time ;-)

      Take care!


      • Hi CCD

        So sorry for the late reply. The last of our guests left this morning and I finally have my study and computer back.

        Wow! It seems that you’ve had an incredible, ‘opening’, authentic experience. I’ve heard that one starts to live authentically when the mind and thinking is out of the way – amazing that you experienced this and that you could speak without thinking. Has this feeling continued and what have you been doing to maintain it? Did you have all your chakras opened or was only the throat chakra closed? What is your conclusion on what works for you?

        I’ve been feeling amazing ever since my chakras were unblocked and have been doing self Reki every day, however a few days ago I noticed that I wasn’t speaking quite as freely as before.

        Today my reiki practitioner took 5 minutes today to check my energy levels/chakras after he saw two of my friends. I didn’t tell him anything. Very interestingly all of my chakras were open except for the throat chakra and the ground chakra. His English isn’t great, but he said ‘speaking/talking is not good and there is mental confusion’. He instructed me to focus on my throat chakra and the grounding chakra will come right automatically. Interesting. I don’t feel like it’s blocked as I feel so much more open than normal. What’s a bit freaky is that I hadn’t actually read your post properly initially due to lack of time. I just saw the topic was chakras and quickly shared my experience. I didn’t know that the 5th chakra was the *throat* chakra until I re-read your post now.

        I haven’t started the Presence Process as I wanted to focus solely on Transcendental Meditation to monitor the results. I got caught up in Reiki after that and I feel like I’ve found what works for me. The fact that this chilled, happy feeling has continued over a month is proof in itself, let alone the fact that we’ve had an intense period of friends/family staying with us for a month and my stress levels probably increased to a 3 out of ten at the most stressful time. I am 100% certain as an INTJ that I would not have been able to cope with constant people had I not done TM and self Reiki. My husband is happy. As he says “a happy wife is a happy life” :D

        • Hi Lee-Ann,

          It’s so great that you still feel so well and relaxed! Do you consider yourself (physically) healed?

          Yes, during my experience, my thinking/ego/mind was gone to the background, was just there as a spectator. And I think that at that moment, all of my chakras were open, especially the 5th. In any case, I felt and saw flow all over, so I think I was totally free of any obstacles at the time. I have not been able to maintain the experience, but I do remember it clearly. Now I know what it feels like to be just me, to be completely free. Now I am much more aware of occasions where I do not express myself freely. So the experience has aggravated some of my frustrations, and at the same time it is showing me more clearly what those frustrations are. Well, I suppose I am struggling a bit due to this new insight.

          I am not surprised that your fifth chakra is an issue for you as well. I think it is for all of us. Keep me updated on your findings with it!

          How do you do this Self Reiki? Is it easy to explain? I’m always interested to try something new.

          Best regards to your happy husband! (And ask him to make sure that he also finds happiness within himself, regardless of his wife’s state of being ;-))


          • Hi CCD

            I think my body has been healed, but there is still a mind connection. I noticed that in the car yesterday with a friend I used to discuss my CD with that my head turned a bit. There is obviously still an association with her and my head turning. What is amazing is that the pulling, which I always sensed was coming from my stomach (like a pole reaching up to my neck with a lever), has gone entirely. I’m sure it is to do with the relaxation from TM, which constantly builds up every time you do it. I really feel changes after every time TM session, although it took about a month or so before I could recognise this. My CD hasn’t gone entirely though. When I think about it I get a sensation at the top left of my head and a “neurological/buzzy” feeling in my head – hard to explain. But I’m functioning normally without being aware of it anymore and there is no huge body pulling. It might turn two or three times while at a dinner table if I’m looking to the left (my head turns to the left), but I can easily turn it back. The most important thing is that I feel relaxed throughout the day – no tension in my stomach/body.

            I know exactly what you mean about flow and being able to speak freely without the mind/thinking. It’s hard to explain but words just flow freely and the response/conversation is completely free and natural.

            The Reiki I do myself is a sweeping movement with my right hand. I then place my hands on the different chakras for about 5 minutes each, breathe in and out deeply 2 or 3 times and think about self realisation. It kind of looks like I’m writing an L and then an O in the air with my right hand before my hands come together (about 20cm apart) and feel the energy between them and place them on chakras. It’s hard to explain the hand movement, but I’m sure that any Reiki practitioner would teach you the/a movement. I think there’s more to it though so I’d recommend seeing a practitioner to open all of your chakras (took 2 sessions for me), get them to teach you and then you continue with self Reiki to keep them open.

          • Hi Lee-Ann,

            Thanks for all your feedback! Well, it does sound very good, the way you describe it, especially since you feel so relaxed. I think that physically I am (almost) at the stage where you are now, but I am not so relaxed at this moment. Strangely, that doesn’t really aggravate the symptoms(yet?). Like you, I also experience an occasional buzz in the head, especially when I make slow, deliberate head movements. It runs between my eyes, mostly.

            So interesting: I got the impression that you were really completely into the presence process (and for that reason, several people in our blog group started doing it as well). But now it appears that you are actually focusing on TM. I did try it a couple of times, but I found it hard to sit in lotus position. My lower back started to pull like hell. So I gave up. I did start reading the presence process and will actually do it sometime soon. It all makes a lot of sense.

            Thanks also for the Reiki description. I can more or less visualize what you’re doing. But I guess you’re right, I should see a Reiki practitioner first. I will try and let you know.

            Keep up the good work!


          • CCD, I read the Presence Process, but just after reading I had the opportunity to do the TM course. If I had done the 2 together I wouldn’t have known which was working. By the way, I can’t stand sitting in lotus position. I do the Reiki and TM lying down with a great cervical type pillow. I fall alseep during maybe one out of ten sessions, but doesn’t worry me. The most important thing is to be comfortable. Try it again…

            Regarding your terrible pulling when sitting, I still highly recommend my Feldenkrais practitioner’s dvd She sadly moved back to Paris before Xmas (will still come out 3 times a year), but testament to how amazing the exercises are, it doesn’t worry me as I know I have everything I need. They’re not normal “exercises” – 90% of them are done on your back. They’re brain/movement connection exercises. I cannot believe how it has improved my mobility and range of movement.

          • Hi Lee-Ann, good to know that you do TM lying down. Alright, I will try again! Also, I just made an appointment with a Reiki practitioner for next week… As for the Feldenkrais DVD, it seems it cannot be ordered via the website? CCD

          • Let us know how the Reiki session goes. It will be interesting to see the effects and how your self Reiki “maintenance” progresses.

            Re the DVD, you’d have to contact her by email and ask her to send it to you. Tell her that I referred you to her.

          • Hi Lee-Ann,

            Well, it was an interesting experience! I actually totally forgot to ask for self-Reiki exercises, but I will go back another time.
            First of all, I did sense the energy in my body. Also, she read all of my chakras, and without having heard anything about me, she was able to exactly pinpoint all of the important issues in my life. It was rather amazing. She confirmed that my 5th chakra was worst off, that it had been closed for a very long time, that I had felt not permitted to express my true self in the past. She saw that it is in a state of recovery though, opening and closing all the time. So things are shifting. Well, that’s exactly right. I felt uneasy at the beginning of the session, but got very relaxed toward the end. So I’ll go again!


  2. CCD,
    Agreed on your perception in your last paragraphs about being authentic.
    “Authentic” – such a pleasant word.
    A Happy New Year!

  3. CCD, Wow, your description of the disturbances when our 5th chakra is closed, is a very accurate description of me and my life. For myself though, I can say it is more than the 5th chakra, I can physically feel a denseness or a heavy weight in my body starting at the solar plexus, throughout the chest area, going up the esophagus into the throat, around the neck and up to the base of the skull. So this would include the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th at the very least.
    I would love to experiment with Reiki to see if I could get them opened, but I feel that even if we open them this way, that it would only be temporary, until enough trauma is healed.

    Thank you for the description of your transcendental experience. I realize that our spoken/written language is limited and probably is not adequate to completely describe your experience, but even so, i can tell by your words that you were really there!!! Congratulations! I am envious!

    Michael Brown, author of “The presence process” says that our life, our journey has placed us where we are now, DELIBERATELY, we have the awareness of wanting to become our authentic selves, the tools have been placed in our hands, We only need to trust the Process. We are blessed!

    I do have some questions about your TE (transcendental experience), if they are too personal, feel free not to answer.

    During the TE, did you feel the CD, or were you completely healed?

    During your TE did you think about the CD?

    If your CD feeling left during the TE, how long did they take to return?

    Were you given insights on how to heal or how to remain your authentic self?

    Did you experience complete forgiveness and unconditional love?

    I feel the way you do , I am not so much trying to heal the CD, even though I do physical things to keep myself comfortable, my focus is on “freeing” myself mentally, spiritually, and loving unconditionally.

    Thank- you for taking the time to put together such an insightful post!
    My hats off to you!, Sunflower

    • Hi Sunflower! (The Sprout part has been permanently removed, right?)

      Good to hear from you again via the blog. And thanks a lot for your reading and comments!

      Yes, I agree with you that other chakras are affected as well. It only makes sense; it’s like the spinal collapse as identified by Dr. Lee, with focus area in the neck / 5th chakra.

      I also agree with you that opening chakras with Reiki, will mostly yield temporary results. But doing it often, and actively visualizing it, understanding the symbolic meaning of each chakra, should contribute to more permanent results. And it will go hand in hand with trauma healing and increased self love.

      Yes, and I totally agree that we have all the tools in our hands to become our authentic selves.

      As for your questions regarding my TE:

      – During the experience, I felt no CD. Completely healed. (Just like when I was in Korea and strong felt gratitude and self love.)
      – During the TE, I didn’t think about CD. (But to be honest, I do not think about it very often anyway, as it often is far away in the background or not even perceptible.)
      – After the TE, I think I quickly felt some tension again. Within one hour or so.
      – Yes, I got more insights on how to remain my authentic self. This will be different for everyone. One important factor is that we need to understand that we are not our ego, our thinking mind. Yes, in the West we often believe that our ego equals our consciousness, but this is far from the truth. Actually, our ego is just an operating system, enabling us to navigate in the physical world. We shouldn’t give too much power to our ego, because it isn’t suitable to make decisions about many things. There’s much more to who we are. During a TE we can see our own soul/being, and that is an eye opener, allowing us to remember who we are in essence.
      – Yes, I did feel complete acceptance (including forgiveness), unconditional love, and fun!

      Great to know that you feel the same way I do!!!

      Could you give a brief update about yourself, after having been away from the blog for so long?

      Take care!


  4. Hi CCD,
    I did sign in with only sunflower, and have omitted the “sprout”, since I am now a true and “straight” Sunflower, and no longer a sprout trying to be :)

    Thank you for answering my questions on your TE, I find it very interesting. I wonder if you have had any permanent shifts in consciousness since then, not just in your mental understanding of our true selves but do you find yourself permanently changed by the experience in any way?

    One other question if you don’t mind. During your TE you say you saw your soul/being, how did you see yourself in relation to God, were you completely one with this divine energy or did you see yourself still separated as an individual, or perhaps this did not come up at all?

    I really like the way you have described our “ego” as an operating system to navigate the physical world. This is so right on!!, It was our mistake to think that this is who and what we are, it is also disastrous for us to allow it to make all of our decisions. Like yourself I always based my decisions on my intellect, instead of feeling my way through life. I always heard the expression listen to your gut feeling, but I ignored it for the most part, I think I still am to a certain degree, but I’m learning.

    I am doing well CCD, thanks for asking. I am basically recovered as far as the strc description. I have come a long way still since my last posting here many months ago. I am able to turn to the right very well and far now, even when I am walking or driving fast. Looking to the left is very normal, even when looking far to the left while driving I can bring it back to center very normally. My tension is very much reduced to a comfortable level and a good part of the day I feel almost tension free.
    It is only when the monkey mind and resistance sets in that it will start to increase.
    I’m living mostly a normal life, back to bike riding, hiking and all of the things I have always loved.

    I am still loving the Presence Process, I am on my last week of the second round at the moment. I feel it is working, but I still have a lot of resistance to life, and I can still be “reactionary” when my buttons are pushed. I am learning to be gentle with myself even when I know I have reacted to my reflection in the world.

    Thanks again for sharing your experience!

    • Hi SF,

      You always were a sunflower, you just didn’t know it yet ;-)

      After the TE I came back to my old self. Actually, I experienced even more of the old frustrations and patterns. As if pushing those out of my awareness wasn’t possible anymore. That difficult phase has faded away by now. I can now see that there has been some change in me, be it small. I have clearly seen my soul, and understood the difference between ego and soul. I am now doing the presence process, which also focuses on letting go the unauthentic ego and embracing the soul. It’s clear that the TE made this more tangible for me.

      During the TE I did see myself as an individual consciousness, but also clearly connected with ‘all that is’, i.e., with god. Yes, I was one with it.

      Anyway, it seems that the presence process made the role of the ego very obvious for you as well. The ego is useful, but it should not take the lead – as it almost always does in our Western world, unfortunately.

      Wow, so fantastic that your recovery is almost complete now. From what you describe, you and I are pretty close in terms of physical recovery. And on the spiritual level you are making impressive progress as well. But be careful: I think it might be alright to be reactionary when your buttons are pushed. Let’s not be 100% perfect, alright? At least not for some time ;-) And very soon we should have our gathering with all recovered people who arrived at this blog 2 years ago!

      Keep in touch!


  5. Cool! So glad you are well. You have provided a lot of “food for thought” here. And, sharing your experience and knowledge has been helpful. I want to feel better with this condition. I am trying to be proactive. So sick of medicine and botox all of which doesn’t offer much relief. I want to accept myself as I am and stop letting this define me and feeling odd in public and around people. Tired of the pain, physical pain that accompanies this as well. It inhibits a lot of things as well. I want to not feel sorry for myself. Reading here has provided me hope and helped me see things differently! Thanks again for sharing!

    • Hi Laura,

      Good that you would like to get rif of Botox, which only kills the messenger. Listen to the messenger, realize that CD is your friend, letting you know that it is time to stop living in your head, to stop rigid control, to remove the blockages (trauma) and to reconnect with your body.

      Take care!


  6. I really enjoy learning about dystonia and how everyone is affected and what they have learned and done to treat and cope with this disease.. thank you Annette

  7. I have been reading your posts with great interest and I’m wondering how you are now?
    I’m at the beginning of my own CD journey. I was diagnosed 6 years ago and tried everything. I have only just realised how powerful my mind is and how connected the CD is the turmoil in my mind and heart.
    I hope you are well.

  8. Hi! I’ve been reading this blog and all of the information on it and it is spot on. I developed SD about three months ago and I have it very severe already. It came on fast, as far as the head turning. I’ve had tremors in my head since December. Anyway… Have you heard of TMS? Dr. Sarno wrote a book called ‘Healing Back Pain’ and it is about the mind body connection. Cervical dystonia is it. Like all of it. I’m lucky to have found this healing process and am in therapy for it. You can get better! Let me know what you think!

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