Dr. Young-Jun Lee on FCST

FCST Theory 1

FCST Theory 2


Dr. Young-Jun Lee on Healing Crisis

Deflections during the healing process


Articles on sensory trick

‘‘Visual sensory trick’’ in patient with cervical dystonia

Sensory Trick in Spasmodic Torticollis (Dutch)

Torticollis Spasticus Mobilis (Dutch)

Factors that ameliorate or aggravate ST


Articles on clinical profile CD patients

Clinical Similarities In CD Patients


Articles on psychological profile CD patients

Primary FD Distinct Neuropsychiatric Personality Profiles

Social Phobia in ST

High Psychiatric Comorbidity in ST

Psychogenic Dystonia

Nonmotor Manifestations Dystonia

Dystonia Parkinson Psychiatric

CD recognition emotional intonation

CD Patients Deficits In Praxis


Articles on trauma

Childhood Trauma Negative Core Beliefs Perfectionism

Who Is More Likely to Develop PTSD

Women Trauma and PTSD

The Link Between Trauma and PTSD

Dissociation And Chronic Disease

Remembering Childhood Trauma


Articles on anger

Anger And Perfectionism

Anger Learning to act rather than react


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3 thoughts on “Documents

  1. Thank you for sharing your journey. I am humbled by your passion for a cure. I applaud you for shedding light on your experiences at the Clinic in Sante Fe and the place in Korea. I had been considering both these options to ‘fast track’. But maybe that is the wrong approach?

    I used to be a yoga teacher and so have done physical stretches since I was 21. I gave up teaching last year (now aged 61) when I was diagnosed with CD and Essential Tremor. I have been using all of yoga’s resources in a completely different way to help my condition improve.

    Maybe I can share some of the advantageous resources here?

    • Welcome to this blog Minaret!

      Trying to cure your CD on the fast track definitely is the wrong approach! That is a method that made us ill in the first place. STRC and FCST are very valid approaches, but only if you do it with real consideration for yourself and your body.

      As you may have read elsewhere on this blog, I am sure that we can heal by any method, as long as we believe in it and as long as we satisfy certain boundary conditions. Therefore, I think that yoga could also be a very helpful way to recover.

      Yes, please share as much as you can!!!

      Tell us about yourself, your history, your “profile” (considering the things I wrote on the pages Phenomena and Perspectives), the way CD manifested itself in you, and what you have been doing so far to improve your situation.

      Looking forward to hearing from you!


  2. My son has torticollis since birth. The only thing that really helped was upper cervical adjustment performed by Dr Dickholtz Sr in Chicago. From xray, his neck was off 11 degrees! The adjustment itself is painless. He was complaining about the pain in neck and back started when he was 3 (I’m sure it was painful all along, but he couldn’t tell us). The pain is all gone now. His neck is straight now and his speech improved too.

    Goggle his name, both his son and himself are chiropractors around Chicago area. Dr Dickholtz Sr is 90 years old and still helping people from around the world everyday.

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