Healing crisis?

It took me a while to write a new post, since I wasn’t feeling all that well. After my ‘walk of freedom’ last week, I started to get more symptoms: spasms, jerks, muscle tension, wobbly neck, a rotated and tilted head. I did not expect to recover within a few days, but it is not easy to accept aggravating symptoms – which I felt I had already overcome months ago…

Yet, I decided that I should see this in the light of healing. Dr. Lee gave me a document on healing crisis (see the Documents section of this blog), in which he refers to the Law of Cure by Dr. Hering. This law basically says that, in order to recover from a (chronic) disease, you will need to go through the process that you have experienced during the disease, but now in reverse order. It is a rewinding process, where the most recent symptoms and situations get addressed first, and the oldest and toughest ones last. In short: last in, first out. Intuitively it makes sense to me that, as the body/mind begins battling the symptoms, these flare up one last time before subsiding. The law also states that the healing progresses from the top of the body to the bottom. I don’t think this should be taken too literally, but rather metaphorically: before starting to heal, you need to be convinced that you will heal. And this mostly takes place in top part of the body.

So how can I be sure that my current symptoms are a sign of healing, for which I should be grateful? First of all, I have felt a lot of changes and fluctuations within a brief period of time. Secondly, apart from my CD symptoms, I have other physical changes. I feel pain and discomfort in places where I haven’t felt it before. And strange things happen. For example, last night before I went to bed, I suddenly noticed that both my feet were incredibly swollen. For a moment it scared the hell out of me. I really didn’t know what I might have done to make that happen (certainly not the hike). So it must be some physical reaction occurring within the framework of healing. Right now, the swelling is somewhat reduced. Thirdly, my energy level is on the rise. Yesterday I walked during 2 hours without getting tired at all. I could have carried on for much longer. And a rising energy level is a sign of healing, no matter the symptoms experienced.

As an intermezzo, let me share some photographs that I took during my walk yesterday.

Back to my current changes. Lastly, I have been trying to get in touch with my body for some time now, as I am convinced that it is an important part in my healing process. I am sure that many CD patients share with me that they feel numb (apart from the discomfort and pain due to CD), out of touch with their bodies. Well, in the past week I have often been profoundly in touch with my body. I have felt strong sensations, going through me like a flow. Good sensations and unpleasant ones as well. Is this a consequence of the body-mind communication that is being reestablished by the treatments? Anyway, I am so grateful that I am (re)gaining this capability. I will elaborate on the importance of this capability sometime soon.

Concluding: it seems I am still on the right track! My body has shown me that healing is within reach, and now tells me to do some more hard work for it.

The clinic is closed for 4 days, since Dr. Lee is abroad. It gave me time to extend the information on this blog. I have added a new page: Phenomena, where I have gathered information on how cervical dystonia  manifests itself. I think this is a good exercise, allowing to find patterns in these phenomena, which will shed light on the meaning of cervical dystonia. And that understanding will definitely help to actually cure cervical dystonia.

Anyway, I am really curious to get feedback from other CD patients on these phenomena. Can you confirm? Do you recognize yourself? Do you have adjustments, or additions? Please let me know!

Also, I have started to use Twitter for daily updates, which are shown in the sidebar of my blog. Each update starts with a rating between 1 and 10. (1 representing the situation where CD is completely overwhelming, and 10 representing the situation where CD is absent.)

That’s it for today. I just want to thank you all for following me! Although time and again I am rather alone here, I do not feel that way thanks to your supportive comments and messages! Gamsa hamnida!

40 thoughts on “Healing crisis?

  1. Allereerst wil ik je complimenteren hoe goed je blog er uitziet!!! Professioneel aangepakt mag ik wel zeggen en prachtige foto’s.
    Je verhaal is heel helder en realistisch. Ik onder de indruk van hoe goed je de Engelse taal beheerst!
    Ik ben erg benieuwd hoeveel volgers je al hebt en of je al veel reakties hebt ontvangen.
    Dat je door bergen en dalen gaat is duidelijk en we leven intens met je mee. Hou vol!!! We vinden je ontzettend dapper en hebben ontzettend veel respect voor hoe je het allemaal aanpakt. Ga zo door.

    • Dank voor alle complimenten :-)
      In de ‘sidebar’ aan de rechterkant zie je hoeveel volgers ik nu heb: “Join 28 other subscribers”. Dat zijn dus de mensen die zich hebben ingeschreven.
      Maar er zijn er wel meer die meelezen. Ik heb al vele tientallen reacties ontvangen. Die kun je lezen als je klikt op het wolkje rechts naast de titel van elke post. In het wolkje staat een getal, nl. het aantal commentaren. Jouw commentaar is dus nu het eerste op mijn laatste post.

  2. Thanks for your latest entry “healing crisis”. I enjoyed the photos.You are a good writer and photographer. If you ever get around to it, would love to see more nature shots. what the country side actually looks like, but since you are walking it may be out of reach.
    Well from what I have seen of dr. lee’s you tube videos, everyone seems to go through the same thing, they get worse before they get better. I certainly understand this feels scary and the mind begins to doubt, a natural mental process we go through, you can see this on the faces of the patients in the videos.
    It is definitely a “healing crisis” that is obvious especially since some of these symptoms left you months ago and are now returning.
    My upper cervical chiropractor told me that as the body adjusts and heals it will feel discomfort or pain in other parts of the body that will now heal also, like whats happening with your feet.
    I had an adjustment yesterday, my chiro said that my c2 was way out of alignment, I wasn’t surprised, as I can always feel when something isn’t right in my neck. I have mentioned earlier that my symptoms had gotten worse, well after my adjustment my symptoms became much less severe. I went for a nature walk and noticed that the pulling was so much less and I was walking with relative ease, which i haven’t been able to do in a while. I even had a couple of moments where I felt “normal” and relaxed. I will be testing it out again this morning for another nature walk.
    This confirms my feelings that it is physical, the spinal cord is being compressed causing these symptoms. I have the typical thing going on with my cervical spine that you see in the diagrams, straightened neck, curved shoulders, head that is starting to jut forward.
    I have read several accounts of people being healed with this type of chiropractic, I hope I am one of them, because I don’t know how I’ll get to Korea if it is a “jaw” thing.
    I send you strength and courage to get through as I often pr ay for myself. It sounds like you already possess this, but another’s prayers can’t hurt.
    You are on the right track, Dr. lee is working on the physical cause and your working on the subtler or spiritual planes of healing. The two shall make miracles happen!!

    • I am grateful for your support. It means a lot! And please do continue to send me courage and strength. I need it. I will do the same for you and all other people affected by CD.
      Personally, I think that body and mind are one. Purely physical doesn’t exist. In cervical dystonia, once you get it, the whole spinal structure collapses. The jaw is always involved, and so are C1 and C2, and so is the rest of the spine, the pelvis, and even the cranial structure. Chiropractics and jaw alignment have the same purpose in this case: straightening out the spine and reestablishing body-mind communication. Dr. Lee even does much more to achieve this. He says that jaw alignment is the most powerful therapy. Also, and Dr. Lee stresses this continuously: always keep the correct posture. So when you go for your walk, shift your neck backwards as far as possible, keeping a severe military, chest forard, shoulders squared. You will notice that this alleviates the symptoms. When you sit in a chair, when you stand up, also do it. 24/7. Never lean way back. It’s not easy and you will have to get used to it, but it supports the recovery process a great deal.

      • thanks for all of your tips, I appreciate them.
        I actually already eat that way, and have for years.
        So you think first the dystonia and then the spine problems and not the other way around. Or maybe it’s different for everyone depending on the cause. I agree nothing is ever purely physical, but Dr. lee is curing people through his jaw alignment and his theory is that dystonia’s cause is from this origin, the jaw.
        I will try the military posturing also, thanks.

  3. Hi,

    The photos are beautiful. Nice to get an impression of the environment! Such a wonderfull idea to let us know how you are doing by rating the day on Twitter. We wil follow you.

    courage and keep us posted,

  4. I was wondering how you are doing! The current rating of 7 is not too bad at all!

    I’m not surprised to hear that you got more symptoms after the free walk. I also saw several cases like that in Dr. Lee’s YouTube videos. The symptoms seems to be greatly fluctuate during the months of treatments.

    A few days ago I just started to work on the STRC’s distance program (many thanks to you as I learned about it from your blog) and I’m very intrigued with the tips I’m learning from the program. Like you, I’m also eager and highly motivated to do any hard work to get cured in the short period of time (with low budget), but as I listen to my body’s reactions with tiny experiments (the posture, habits, exercises, etc.), I understand that we need to make changes in our body slowly, especially after a long time of certain conditions. I remember you mentioned in the past blog that your CD condition first got worse during the first few months of the STRC program before you had improvements, and I think that’s because you probably worked too hard and fast and also because of the healing crisis you mentioned here.

    As for last in, first out of the Law of Cure, that reminded me about my friend who has recently done the cranial sacral as a part of the TMD treatment. She said that towards the end of the 3rd cranial sacral treatment her body reminded her about a bruise she experienced over 30 years ago. So it seems our body remembers about the body history, even if our mind don’t remember it.

    How long you plan to be there for the treatments?

    Anyway, a rise of energy level sounds wonderful. Hang on there but perhaps slow down sometimes. You got our positive support and I respect your courage and hard work! Keep us posted!

    • Thanks a lot for you feedback and encouragement!
      Yes, I overdid it a bit in the beginning. But not too much, I kept it bearable. I also think that working so hard and fast may have caused some initial problems, but then really sped up the recovery afterwards. So I think I would do it the same way if I had to do it again.
      As for the daily drill here in Korea, well, not much of a chance to take it easier. If you want to take it easy, no need to come here. (Or you will have to stay a very, very long time, spreading the individual treatments over a long period of time.)
      Interesting indeed, that the body remembers such things… Actually, I think body = mind = one. And I am pretty sure that all memories are stored, even if we can’t always readily access them. All our experiences are (part of) us. And that’s exactly what causes diseases like ours…
      I am planning to stay here as long as necessary. Hopefully not much more than 2 months though. And after 3 months they’ll throw me out of the country due to visa expiration…

    • Dolphin,
      I am also about to embark on the STRC’s program. I am still contemplating whether or not to go in person or take the long distance to save money.
      Do you feel the long distance course is complete enough? I thought if I went there in person I may forget a lot of things when I start on my own, so then I would have to spend the $1500.
      thanks SS

      • Hi sunflowersprout,
        Yes, I agree with CCD’s comment. The STRC long distance course would be just fine unless you live near by the clinic or you want to travel to New Mexico for the touristic purpose as well. I felt the one week on-site program is somewhat for affluent people who also have time. As you may notice, it’s pretty different approach from the Dr. Lee’s treatments, but you may still learn a lot of tips like postures for daily life, mental attitude towards life, exercises, massages, helpful tools and equipments to buy, recommended diet and nutrition for CDs. Above all, the director, Abbie, is very supportive and she will answer any of your questions. Also, check out the testimonials if you haven’t. http://stclinic.com/Index.asp?PG=21
        Best :)

        • Thanks for the input you two.
          I’ve actually known about the clinic for a long time now, I was in denial about having the condition, so I haven’t been yet. I was hoping the condition was caused by my atlas subluxation, but I guess not.
          Abigail says there are more complete recovery’s from people who go there in person, so since i’m only 6 hours away, I’m going to try to get there, considering how important my own complete recovery is.
          i’ll keep you posted if I am able to get there in the next month or so, I’m exited to get started. Exercise and healthy living has always been my life, so it will be no hard adjustment.
          Abigails story is amazing, she is 73 years old and totally healthy, she sounds young on the phone and she says she looks much younger than she is. Thank God for extraordinary people like herself, to help the rest of us!!

  5. 2 or 3 months sounds awesome! If you want more and can also afford time and costs, you can travel to nearby country and back to Korea :)
    If I were you, I would do the same way as you are doing now – take the treatments as many as I can each day. I’m with you about body-mind connection. I thought to be there for Dr. Lee’s treatment for 2 weeks during the vacation, but I figured out that I will probably need 1-2 months even I do 3-5 treatment a day while listen to my body’s reactions and I may even need to prepare to fly back to Korea later. Unfortunately I don’t have that privilege both my work schedule and budget. Also, I don’t need to worry much about the waves of healing crisis if I don’t need to go to work during the intense treatments or even telecommuting or freelance would be ideal. Right now, I need to commute to the downtown in a big stressful city and walking around in the office, which is so embarrassing and therefore stressful. Even worse, my symptom got worse as I recovered from Artane poisoning. (my self-rating of CD symptoms were 5-7 while taking Artane with lots of side-effects, but 2-3 now). So currently I need to go slow on CD work to avoid too much impact or healing crisis just to keep my daily work life. But I’m still hoping that I can get either Dr. Lee’s treatments or similar one someday. While I’m in such a constrained situation, your blog is very encouraging! Looking forward to your future postings!

    • That’s a good idea! But I need to be home before that time I guess. Otherwise they won’t recognize me anymore ;-)
      Yes, it’s not easy that Dr. Lee’s clinic is so far away. It creates several practical hurdles to take. I can appreciate the situation you are in. But no matter what: positive thinking is a key requirement. Dr. Lee has given me another lesson in positive thinking today, stressing its importance. It’s good that he keeps reminding me…
      I will soon post something new!

      • Staying positive works for any aspects in life :) I have some question to you, CCD – how do you manage to walk such a long time continually when you have CD symptoms? Do you need to support your head by a hand or using sensory tricks, or you just let go? How do you feel and what are in your mind while walking? Do you have any particular attention or any intended consciousness in certain body parts (e.g., your head, neck, shoulders, back, hips, hands, feet) while walking? Did the last free walking happened after the chiropractic therapy? Do you think you would manage the free walk the same way in a busy and crowded city as well? If there are not too sensitive, I would appreciate if you could share some of them. (It’s okay to not to answer them as well if you prefer so – I understand.) Though my condition got better to some degrees in past few days (I’ll talk more about it later as I’ve been observing and experimenting constantly, too), I still need to support my face (chin, etc.) to avoid pulling of the neck while walking. I hope you are doing well there. Stay positive to you, too!

        • No problem, I can reply.

          I do not support my head. I stopped doing that 5 months ago and will not relapse. So sometimes my head may rotate a little, and I will just let it happen. Mostly, the rotation stays within 45 degrees (although it feels like much more). I am constantly working on my posture: extreme upright military posture. The posture alone makes the spasms and rotations a lot less. When your head is neatly stacked on top of your vertebrae, muscle tension is minimized (not in the beginning though, when the body is in fight-back mode).
          It feels like a heavy workout. But at the same time I try to enjoy what I see around me, I am constantly exploring new areas, I exchange greetings with passengers-by. I try to have positive thoughts (in between the swearwords), I especially try to be grateful for the good things in my life, and I try to appreciate myself and my accomplishments as much as I can. I cannot help having much attention for my neck, but I try to focus my attention on other things as well, including other bodily sensations. The military posture is very rigid, so I try to look around – left, right – most of the time. This keeps me flexible and keeps my neck from locking up to the left (well, most of the time). The free walk happened when I felt gratitude and pride, in a busy and crowded city. Since then, I have noticed time and again that those emotions help a lot and give me a lot of freedom. Chiropractics helps a little, but is not the main factor here.
          Good to hear that you are making progress! Please do share your findings.

          • Thank you very much for replying to my questions and describing these all. These are the most impressive and encouraging story I’ve heard since I got CD. You are doing incredible work, considering your previous conditions in initial posts and without using Botox or medicine treatments. I’m not there yet but will work on it!
            I totally agree with the importance about the posture, and I can’t agree enough that it requires very hard work to accomplish. I need a lot of courage to deal with the fight-back mode and support-free while I need to commute to work every day, against my enthusiasm for the intense workout. I’ll work more during the weekend.
            Your mental attitude is great – at the same time, I thought it’s amazing the positive attitude affected so much to the better condition – free walk. And the free walk would also give you even more gratitude and pride, resulting in the positive cycle.

            What I found recently is also related to the importance of posture and health in general. Checking more closely for my posture using the mirror, I found the twisting is not the sole issue of my neck – rather it’s from the torso and shoulder and possibly hips as well (although not sure whether the torso twisting affected the neck or the other way around). When I support my lower back really tightly with hands, I found it’s much easier to keep my neck up (without moving the neck) and walk. So I’m considering to try chiropractic that I’ve never done in my life.
            To my daily work life keep going with minimum stress from CD, my another focus is reducing those uncomfortable spasms and jerks. Here are how: after some hard work for CD exercise for the day (I don’t have so much time, though), I include the relax time to calm down the muscle. I’ve been practicing the Alexander Technique (will talk more later) for past half year about 30 minutes a day at home; take a hot nice shower before sleep; while walking try to forget about the neck as much as possible while pay great attention to the good posture on back; use some gravity while walking by leaning backward (since CD people tend to lean forward too much) heals down, hips slightly forward, shoulders back and down, etc. (it’s not easy to remember, though); stay healthy (my CD condition was worst right after the terrible sickness; also my condition got worse in the evening when I am tired after work); get reasonable sleep at night (lack of sleep for a few days invites the body more CD symptoms). I have so much struggles and challenges (including time constraint and gaining back my confidence) but will work on it.

          • Thanks a lot for your compliments. I am trying what I can, but it’s not always easy. I sometimes slip away, far away from being positive. Then it takes a lot of energy to get back…
            Interesting story about your lower back. Yes, why not try chiropractics? I would not expect miracles from it, but who knows, it may solve something for you.
            Your approach sounds very good. Despite the limitations you have, you are doing the maximum to take good care of yourself. Keep up the good work! Staying healthy is very important indeed. Earlier this year, I had a severe flu right at the time that I was improving rapidly. It made my symptoms come back with a vengeance! (Fortunately, a week later, I was back to where I was prior to the flu.)
            As for the Alexander technique, have you seen this?

          • Yes, I’ve seen this site about the Alexander Technique. I actually learned about the AT about a year before I realized I had the CD when the condition was manageable (no spasms or big twisting).
            As this site says, the AT “helps you to release muscular tension and redevelop your natural poise.” Also as it says, it can be learned through books (I use a CD for the daily practice). While the AT doesn’t work directly to cure CD like FCST’s therapies, it can benefit indirectly. I’ll post more about the AT principals later.

  6. Hello,
    I came across your blog a couple days ago and it is very interesting. I appreciate your courage and heart to share you experience with others who have CD/ST. I have had ST starting back in 1977 and have had 3 different remissions/healing over those many years. My latest episode with ST started back in 2000 after my dad died of cancer. Over the past 12 years I have tried many things to treat the symptoms. Currently I get Botox every 3 months, faithfully do the STRC long distance program and take a small dosage of klonopin. I soooo… want to be well. I can’t envision how I could actually afford the trip and all the expenses of going to Dr. Lee in Korea, but I do believe in God and he can make a way when there doesn’t seem to be a way. I look forward to continue to hear about your progress. I will be praying for your complete healing of ST. Many Thanks!

    • Thank you very much for sharing your story. And thanks so much for your prayers. Those must be helpful in one way or another.
      There must be a way out of this. I hope this blog will be of further value to you as I (and others) keep adding information and insights. Keep hoping and envisioning. And if you have the time, please tell us more about how you experienced your remissions. What were crucial factors with those remissions? And how did the ST start again? Do you see patterns?

  7. I have been following your blog for a few weeks now and I really admire you for taking such an active role in figuring out this mysterious disease. Reading your posts has prompted me to do the same. I also have a scientific background and am constantly frustrated that I can not get to the root cause of this problem. I have read your phenomena page and have to say that a lot of it sounds exactly like me. I will provide some background on my journey with CD to add to the knowledge base. My CD started a little over two years ago when I was 34. I have antecollis (forward head tilt) that is aggrivated upon swallowing, speaking, and to some exent chewing (recent research has lead me to believe that the most problematic muscles for me are the digastric suprahyoids and the longus colli). The correlations I have made are a major life event (severe illness of my mother) about 5-6 months prior to onset. Also, the week my symptoms emerged, I had taken a long flight (9 hours) and recall waking up in a very contorted position and having major neck pain for about 3-4 days after. Finally, I had an ear infection (not pain, but itching) of some sort for an extended period of time (~ 6 months) during this same time frame. I was initially referred to a physical therapist, then a dentist (for suspected TMD), then put on anxiety meds for a few months, then a chiropracter, and finally to a neurologist. I did get some mild relief with the chiropractic treatment and have also had some mild relief with Botox. Nothing else has helped with any significance. My goal is to stop the Botox as I am worried about long term side effects and of course it is only treating the symptoms and not getting to the cause. I have been working on posture, breathing, exercising (walking), and stretching and have found this to help in normal day to day activity, but as soon as I eat, drink or talk, symptoms reemerge with a vengence. I do find that if I am intensely concentrating, speaking becomes easier. Also, my symptoms are much reduced (nearly eliminated) when lying down. Psychologically, I have always been on the shy, quiet side, but never had what I would call excessive social phobia until after the CD started. I now avoid social situations when possible and suffer quite a bit when they can not be avoided. I have no history of depression although I will say that I have had some moments of dispair in the past two years (all related to this disease). I am quick to recover though and try hard to keep a positive attitude. I agree with you though that it is hard sometimes. What I wouldn’t give to be able to simply read a story to my kids without having this stupid problem interfering! I think I am getting a little long now so I will wrap it up but will keep in touch. Thanks again for all the information and inspiration you have provided. I am confident we will prevail!!

    • Thank you for sharing your story! Wow, there are so many commonnalities indeed! The onset being correlated with severe stress is also common. Thanks for reminding me, I will add it to the blog. I think what you are doing now is good (walking, stretching, breathing, etc.). Make sure to include a healthy diet. No sugar, alcohol, white bread, white pasta, no artificial, processed foods, etc. Try to alkalize yourself as this will calm the muscles down, and is healthy anyway.
      Chiropractics helps. But as Dr. Lee says, only for about 1 hour. More rigorous measures are needed to address this illness. Posture plays a very important role. (My body is aching due to posture changes now!)
      I am so busy, but will soon post something on the cause(s)! Stay tuned.

    • I think we all need to address the possible viral/bacterial cause.
      Currently looking for something that passes the blood brain barrier, since the infection travels up our spinal cord into the brain.
      Right now investigating essential oils applied externally and possibly internally as these oils from plants are very potent.

      • It is an interesting perspective indeed. However, I find it hard to believe that a virus is the root cause. I rather think that it is a consequence, a health issue that gets to us once we have CD. Still, if addressing it helps healing, then why not!

        • You may very well be right in some cases. I think everyone’s cause may vary to some degree.
          There are certain diseases that are believed to originate with pathogens. like cancer, many scientists/doctor’s believe this to be the case, that it’s root cause is fungal. Also MS is thought to be pathogenic, there are lesions in the brain in MS patients, possibly a mycobacteria or I was reading the other day it was an infestation of the same tick that causes lyme disease.
          In our case, i feel we should not over look anything and try everything we can, I’m sure this is your point of view as well.
          You may well be healed already, I have not yet had the courage to ask Dr. Lee about costs, but I will since i have a possible plan to come up with some funds, once I am some what recovered with Abigails program and can get back to work.

          I have not yet had an official diagnosis from a neurologist. I do not have insurance so have not done this yet. I don’t see what else it could be since my symptoms match cd.
          Wondering what they actually test for to determine if it is cd and wondering if they give you a brain MRI also?
          Look forward to your daily tweets, especially now since there is so much progress already.

          • Sorry to disappoint you, but I am not healed yet. Some more patience and hard work (and positive thinking) is required. But things are changing, and that is a good sign.
            As for the real cause, the root cause, I have kind of an unconventional persuasion. I think that all disease simply is a message from the self. So we decide by ourselves that we become ill, even if the ’cause’ appears to be external. That may sound vague, but there is evidence for the concept that we completely create our realities with our consciousness. So we create our world and ourselves, including our diseases. If you think this is an interesting point of view, I recommend you to read the book “Body Symbolism” by Richard Rybicki (see Amazon.com). I may write about this on my blog sometime soon.
            So how the diseases exactly manifest themselves in our bodies, chemically, mechanically, electrically, virally, etc., is not all that interesting to me, except for possible symbols (i.e., message clues) that the ‘hardware’ holds.

            Good that you have a plan! That will keep you going in the right direction. The trick is to have visualize the end goal, to make it really happen.

            As for the diagnosis, in my case it only took 5 minutes of simple testing of neurological responses, and asking me to walk a bit, observing the rotation and jerks. The neurologist confirmed to me that I indeed have ST, and proposed a Botox treatment. So 5 minutes later I was out of the hospital. I then wanted to make sure that there was no brain damage and no other disease (e.g., Wilson’s), so I had him test that. The MRI is really expensive. If I wouldn’t have asked this myself, the neurologist wouldn’t have proposed these tests. To him it was obvious that I ‘just’ had primary CD…

          • I believe more in the law of cause and effect, or Karma. We cannot escape our destiny, a destiny created by our actions of many past lives. Once the debt is paid the illness is over. All I can do is try to be well and leave the rest to God.

          • Well, I can follow your beliefs up to a certain point. As for cause and effect, yes, I believe everything is interconnected (holism). So everything has an effect on everything. Regarding destiny, I think it’s there, because we create it for ourselves (indeed, in a sense by everything we have done before, e.g., in past lives). Also, I believe that there is something like Karma, because we are looking for harmony. So once we have disturbed this harmony, we will need to work on reestablishing the balance. So maybe our views are compatible?
            However, I do not believe that destiny is some kind of a rigid thing that has been externally imposed on us and cannot be escaped. We always have freedom of choice.

          • Yes I think we agree mostly, we’re saying the same thing.
            Except I believe we think we have freedom to choose, but in reality, what we choose has already been predestined and we cannot escape it good or bad. Sometimes our load of karmas is lightened if there is Grace from god,(that is if we have earned his grace) he helps us throught it, makes it easier.

          • Well, if you realize that time (and space, for that matter) are relative, and that our existence coincides with all space and all time, past, present and future, then what you are saying is correct. But we do have total freedom of choice :-)

  8. Thanks so much for sharing your experience! I am wondering if all of the patients are struggling with ST, or if other forms of dystonia are represented…my personal struggle is Cranial Dystonia, blepharospasm with Meige Syndrome.

    • Are you referring to Dr. Lee’s treatment? If so, yes, he is treating all kinds of dystonias, with the same therapy (FCST)!

      • Sorry! That was rather vague on my end. Yes, referring to Dr. Lee’s patients…has Dr. Lee had luck with Meige Syndrome? Are any of the others there with you struggling with Meige? Thanks so much!!

        • Yes, Dr. Lee has definitely treated such patients. He has successfully treated the entire dystonia spectrum, including generalized dystonia. On his website, there should be videos of patients with blepharospasm, and possibly also Meige’s. At this moment, I do not know if there are patients with Meige’s. Oromandibular-dystonia patients are there; I have seen a couple. To Dr. Lee it doesn’t matter much what the type of dystonia is called precisely, as long as it is dystonia, he can treat it.

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