Healing happens!

This is not just some clinic. Everyone is walking around with YBA splints in their mouths. Everyone is doing neck and spine exercises, everyone receives acupuncture, cupping, and CST treatments. It’s like a flow we’re all in. The first few days it seems a bit odd, but you get used to this drill soon enough.

Dr. Lee is famous in South Korea. Constantly there are between 3 and 7 doctors and dentists – new ones every day –, respectfully standing, lined up by the wall in Dr. Lee’s room. They want to learn his techniques, so they take time off from their practice to visit his clinic periodically for study and to watch Dr. Lee doing what he does. They told me that I am so lucky to be his patient.

A few days ago, Dr. Lee showed me the videos that he made some time ago of number of CD patients that are still receiving treatment. I see them in the clinic almost every day. Several of them are in a very good condition. Seeing their intake videos was kind of a shock. In the beginning, they had symptoms as bad as mine one year ago. Heads jerking in all directions. And now, I can hardly see anything strange in their appearance. Taking this in almost made me cry. (Actually, it did, when I was lying on my CST pillow behind a curtain a few minutes later.) Traces of doubt in the back of my head about this remarkable treatment started to dissolve.

Yesterday I got 6 treatments, which is a lot. Every time a treatment is over, a change in the body has occurred. In other words: yesterday I went through much change in the right direction. And this change is good; it allows the body to heal itself.

Dr. Lee makes me walk through the city a lot. Preferably 6 kilometers a day. One week ago, I wouldn’t have dreamt of doing that. When sitting and standing, my head was quite straight. Even when walking, but the tension in my neck would be so strong that after a few hundred meters, I would need to give up. In fact, last Saturday I had to transfer in Moscow, and had to walk from one terminal to the next over a distance that, I think, exceeded 2 kilometers. It was unbearable and I had to stop and take a rest repeatedly.

Now, after a few days here in Cheonan, I am able to walk about 1 hour. My neck muscles still pull strongly, but I can do it, keeping my head straight, and sometimes even looking to the right (my head tends to rotate to the left).

Today, following my first treatment in the morning, I started with a nice long walk. After about 20 minutes I realized that I am now able to walk this much. All of a sudden, I felt an enormous gratitude for this fact and toward Dr. Lee. Also, I felt very proud of myself. The feelings were glowing inside me, filled me up. Tears of poignancy were coming. And then it happened: my CD vanished and I was walking like a free man, looking in all directions as if I had never had CD. This feeling of freedom stayed with me for the rest of my walk. Trucks came roaring by, I exchanged friendly greetings with two gas-station employees, and I saw a huge billboard saying (in English) “FOR YOUR HAPPY LIFE”. Quod erat demonstrandum.

Back at the clinic, I told Dr. Lee what had happened, and how happy I was. He gave me a brief smile and said that I will get much, much better as the treatment progresses.

He subsequently asked me if I could see what was going on with the young woman who had just entered his room. I had to say I couldn’t.  She looked perfectly fine to me. Dr. Lee said that she also has CD, but that she just told him she feels 99% recovered. In January she started her treatments, and now, 78 treatments later, she has almost completely recovered. Dr. Lee showed me her intake video, as well as subsequent videos taken of her in the course of the treatment. Initially her neck was quite crooked and unstable, but step by step I could see the healing process take place until today.

I am so glad I came here. Now that I am writing this post, I feel some tension in my neck again, but I can also feel that I have changed for the better. This further activates my passion to carry on!!!

40 thoughts on “Healing happens!

  1. As I received email notification of new post, I clicked the link and read in a blink.
    Your post is so much fun to read.
    What a progresses you’re going through!
    Happy for you :-)
    + you’re such a brave man to go on journey all the way down there for the treatment

  2. Your post brought tears to my eyes. What an experience and what an emotoinal rollercoaster. You’ve just been there for a short week and already so much progress. It’s like a miracle. We are so happy for you. Keep up, be strong and positive. We are with you in spirit. love

    • It feels like a great support, thank you so much. I get huge, positive thoughts when reading your message. Take care!

  3. Congratiulations! I am so happy for you! It is becoming a miraculous story already. I’ll tell you that tears came to my eyes too when I read your latest post. I am so excited! You made my day too, for sure! I can’t imagine what a happy feeling you must have. Keep it up and believe the unbelievable! And keep us posted.

  4. I just know who Dr.Lee is and he knows me either and I heard about you from Kevin, thus I’m watching out your post. Good explanations of FCST, and how it works on your body. But one thing that I can suggest you is, I just curious why don’t you take photos and include photos on your website and everybody see how it looks. Majority of people, that will be much easiler to see.
    I wish you get all of treatment as well and stay fun in Korea.!! I will visit here again. See u.

  5. I have been following your post, and am very grateful of your willingness to share your journey. I am so happy to read your progress as it gives me hope and encouragement. I got diagnosed with ST 2 months ago, and still looking high and low for the right treatment. No Botox yet so far, and getting by with robaxin (muscle relaxant) and massage.. I am going to see Abbie in 2 weeks and who know I will fly out to Korea too. Thanks again.

  6. Hi,
    I’m so glad I found your blog – it’s very timely since I’m just recovering from the terrible side effects (nausea, etc.) from Artane (Trihexyphenidyl) after taking it for 3 weeks, which caused me for a week sick leave. I’m now reluctant to taking further medication.
    I found your blog very informative and thoughtful. I went over them all, including the FCST documents and web links of the treatments. Many thanks for sharing all the treatments and straggles you’ve been through. I like your approach a lot since it focused on “cure” and staying positive rather than daunting remarks as a lifetime disorder. (Let’s prove this is not true someday!) I’m also intrigued the holistic approach convinced with alternative medicine.
    I was diagnosed as CD last month, though I had the symptom for a while, possibly over 10 years as the negligible degree, but got worth several months ago when I started a new job that include some tasks I don’t like.
    I’m now ordering the STRC’s long distance course and even considering to fly to Dr. Lee’s office using two-week vacation this year.
    I’ll keep on an eye on your updates! Keep up with the good spirit!!

    • It sounds like we’re completely on the same page. Yes, let’s prove it! I can recommend you to fly to Korea. You need discipline for the treatment, and you need to be able to endure some physical discomfort. But hey, if it helps to get cured… Good luck and keep in touch!

  7. Wat geweldig om te lezen dat het al na 1 week zo goed gaat! Gaat het ook buiten de kliniek goed? Heb je een comfortabel bed en is het eten een beetje te doen? Hoop dat je ook wat tijd hebt voor leuke dingen. We denken aan je!

    • Mijn dank daarvoor! Het gaat goed, ook buiten de kliniek, maar zeker met ups en downs. Enfin, dat hoort erbij. Ik heb een prima bed en geniet van het eten (een volledige maaltijd voor € 3,50!?)! Jullie gidsen komen geregeld van pas! Gisteren een prachtige tempel gezien met Dr. Lee en zijn studenten – artsen en tandartsen. Zie de afbeelding op de blog!

  8. Hi, i love reading your post You are such agood writer. The new photo above is interesting. Is that you in the middle? Is dr lee also in between and who are those other guys?

    • Thanks for the compliment! Yes, that’s me, and Dr. Lee is standing in front of me. The other people are his students (doctors and dentists), studying FCST.

  9. Wow! what a great blog. Thank you so much for your interesting writings.
    Very inspiring, and yes I too believe there is a cure or cures for this bizarre condition.

    Like yourself my symptoms started almost one year ago. I have not been officially diagnosed, but it is obvious I have cd.
    I have been seeing a upper cervical chiropractor now for 6 weeks. he is an atlas orthoganist. My first 3 vertebrae were really messed up.
    So I thought wow this is the reason, and these adjustments will cure me.

    I thought I was getting better and was so happy as you can well imagine. then about 2 weeks ago I noticed my symptoms getting worse, so this atlas adjusting is obviously not the whole picture of what is going on.

    I know that my jaw is slightly misaligned. And like yourself I have always noticed that when I yawn my symptoms go away. The only thing is my yawning isn’t always with a wide opened mouth, usually with it just partially opened.

    Anyway I was wondering why Dr. lee does not manually adjust the jaw?
    i was wondering if I should let my chiropractor manually adjust my jaw?

    I know you are busy being healed, let me know when your up to it about manually adjusting the jaw.

  10. Wow what a great blog for those of us with cd. Thank you so much for sharing all of this, you are doing an incredible service for us all. You are blessed for it no doubt.
    Like yourself i started showing symptoms almost a year ago, and have been through so many treatments trying to correct it, not really understanding what was wrong with me.
    I am currently seeing an upper cervical chiropractor an atlas orthogonist to be exact.
    I was hoping to heal with this approach having read some successful stories.
    My first 3 vertebrae were very misaligned and I became much better with these adjustments so I thought it would lead to the cure.
    after 6 weeks of treatments suddenly over a week ago my cd symptoms are worsening again, although in other ways I feel much better because my spine is straightened out.

    My question for you is why doesn’t Dr. Lee do manual adjustments of the jaw as some chiropractors do?
    I’m wondering if I should ask my chiropractor to do a manual adjustment or would this create more problems.

    I know you are so busy healing when you get a moment I would love your thoughts on the above questions.

    I’m watching your every post and sending you healing vibes and praying for you and us all. Much gratitude, SS

    • Sorry to see that you typed your message twice! But good to know that you share my opinion.
      Dr. Lee says that chiropractics is helpful for CD, but that its effect only lasts for about 1 hour. As a stand-alone treatment, it’s way too limited.
      Alignment of the jaw is key in the treatment. And this is a very delicate process. The body (through the TMJ) responds to minimal thickness changes: the difference between balance and dislocation is one paper thick between the teeth/molars. The theory behind Dr. Lee’s FCST is to gradually reestablish balance in the TMJ by fixing it in the balanced position using a YBA splint, until a “deviation” occurs and the thickness of the splint needs to be adjusted for renewed balance. These infinitesimal steps (treatments) will slowly guide the body towards balance, i.e., healing.
      So, chiropractics on the TMJ might also be helpful (although I don’t really know this for the case of CD), but it cannot fix the TMJ in the balanced position – as the YBA splint does. I hope this makes sense to you!
      Thanks for the good vibes and prayers!!!

      • Oops sorry about the 2nd post, I thought the first one didn’t work.
        I have another question for you, I would ask Dr. lee but I probably wouldn’t understand his english.
        Since I have been seeing an upper cervical chiropractor and he has brought my first 2 vertebrae into alignment, and I know that they have stayed in alignment for several days in a row. (The first vertebrae tends to pop out of alignment, after a few days because it is so used to being crooked that it has to be retrained to stay, so you have to go get these adjustments often).
        So the question is, if the spinal cord is unobstructed for a few days why don’t the cd symptoms go away.
        Since i think the premise of Dr. lee’s cure is aligning the jaw so that the first 2 vertebrae are aligned and the spinal cord is freed up.
        Sounds like your going through a healing crisis today and that’s probably a good sign!
        thanks SS

        • No problem! And you can always send Dr. Lee a message. He will make sure that you get a reply in decent enough English. (That’s how I started communicating with him in the first place.) However, at this moment he is abroad for a couple of days.
          As for your question, I think he will disagree with your assumption that the vertebrae stayed in alignment for several days. He told me several times that the effect of the chiropractic manipulations only lasts for about one hour. Now you may need to define alignment more precisely. I think alignment comes in degrees. And I think that even a tiny shift (which will typically happen one hour after chiropractics) will continue to trigger the dystonia. For people with dystonia it takes time and a lot of treatments until the spinal cord really starts to be unobstructed for a longer period of time.
          Note that this is my personal interpretation, so you may need to ask Dr. Lee for reconfirmation.

          • Thank you,
            your explanation makes total sense. As good as I feel immediately after my chiro adjusts me, soon after, I feel a shift that doesn’t feel as good anymore.
            And like you say even a tiny shift will touch the spinal cord and continue the symptoms. but for a while my symptoms were reduced and i was able to walk fairly comfortably, i can’t wait to get back to that someday as I love hiking!!

          • Happy Birthday!
            It’s wonderful you are spending it in nature in Korea with Dr. Lee healing you!

          • Thanks a lot! Yes, there are worse ways to celebrate one’s birthday ;-) I love hiking as well, and now at least I got part of the joy in doing that back.
            And of course all diseases and symptoms are related to psychological burdens and messages, not only CD. Today or tomorrow I will add a new page, called Phenomena, describing how CD manifests itself. The next phase will address the detoxification.

  11. Escribe texto o la dirección de un sitio web, o bien, traduce un documento.

    Congratulations on your blog, I am following with great interest as I have spasmodic torticollis for four months, and has given me much encouragement and hope to see that someone is getting cure this disease.
    I wonder if you found it easy to find accommodation in the city, if you can handle well speaking English, and more or less, how much each doctor’s treatment? I like to travel to Korea, I sent an email to the clinic and I am awaiting response. What criteria is the doctor to see if a patient goes for treatment? Does it depend on age, the time it takes with the disease, or some other issue?. I guess people will try many of the world, would not have thought the doctor to open a clinic in Europe? . Good luck with your treatment, we’ll sure soon the news that you are fully healed.

    a greeting

    • Thanks for your comments! It is so nice to hear from others that my blog inspires them!
      Regarding accomodation, it should be really easy to find it. There are hotels in all price ranges, motels, and appartments as well. (I am staying in an appartment, because I will be here for several weeks at least. It is at 50 meters from the clinic.)
      In the clinic, it is no problem to use English. Dr. Lee speaks a little bit of English, but for more complicated communication, there is always someone around who speaks English well.
      When you arrive at the clinic, you will get a full medical check. And Dr. Lee will apply various assessment methods and tests to make his diagnosis. After the diagnosis, he will tell you whether he can treat you or not. But don’t worry, I think he can treat all cases of cervical dystonia. Age is not important. In his clinic, there are children of 2 years old, and elderly people as well. The time it takes to cure a disease varies from person to person. Usually, the longer a patient has had a disease, the longer it takes to cure it. On average, I think the lightest cases can be cured within several weeks, and the more difficult cases may take many months. In some cases even up to a few years. But the majority of patients can definitely be cured within 3-6 months. And the more treatments you can get per day, the quicker the healing will be.
      As far as I know, the doctor does not have plans to open a clinic in Europe at this stage. But who knows about the future?
      I hope this answers your questions!

  12. Wow, what a story, didn’t know you went to Korea. When I read it has already been a year ago, I felt bad not getting in touch with you earlier again. But I’m so happy to read that the treatment is so effective! It makes me realize heath is such a precious thing in live. Also great to hear other CD people find support in your blog. I’m sure you will become the role model and will be 100% cured! I’ll keep on following your blog and will keep some good wine in storage for when you return!

    Wishing you all the best and … GO FOR IT!
    PS if you need to have something translated, I can ask my Korean friend, she will be happy to translate (into english)

  13. Lots of information in your blog. Thanks. I’m new to the group. I believe in what you say, but cannot get to Korea. I will work with meditation and my attitude. I have had this since I was a teen so it will probably take some time, but then I believe it could also happen today! Currently I am getting botox and 5 medications, but I want to stop all of this. It really isn’t real I believe. I hope you are cured soon. Pepper

    • Welcome! Good to hear that you found some useful information on this blog! Please check in again and share more about your story, and your plans to stop Botox and medication! (And then please do so by commenting at the most recent post, so that everyone ‘sees’ you. Now they’ll need to read the comments to an old post to be able to trace you.) Take care!!!

  14. The Xeomin botox I have received twice is not very effective. I begin to feel awful and shaky around 5:30 pm which is too early to take more meds, so have to go to bed by 7:00 some evenings which has cut out any social activities I used to do – like dancing. I have a massage therapist that I have used for years and she will begin doing craniocervical therapy on me for TMJ problems, which I have had probably always. I hope this will help…she thinks it will. But I have lost about half of my teeth, and wear upper and lower partials, but will see if my dentist can help me with TMJ also. Will keep up with your post to see how you’re doing. I have studies hypnosis which is the same things as meditation so will be trying to get myself back into doing meditation…I know this helps. Best of luck in your treatments. Pepper

    • Thank you so much for your comments. I know you’re having a hard time. Massage and gentle corrections of the TMJ and upper cervical area should be helpful. Please also try to address the pelvis! And please let us know what you achieve with hypnosis and meditation. Take care and keep in touch!

  15. Please help me . I have cervical dystonia & I need help my head keeps jerking tot be right . I love in a America , Atlanta . & you can give me a call at 678-770-8370

    • Hello Zlatko,

      Thanks for your comment. Well, first one important thing: you need to help yourself. Someone else cannot really help you with this. Please read this blog (especially the pages Phenomena and Perspectives) and try to find a way to heal that works for you. But you need to make the decision to heal by yourself. And you need to take the initiative to release your traumas by yourself. I will be happy to answer your further questions after you read this blog.

      Take care!


    • Well, I am sorry to hear that you feel so bad. But I cannot cure you. No one can, but you. I suppose you could go to a neurologist and ask for Botox injections to get some relief. Perhaps that might help you. And again: if you are interested in healing yourself, please read the information on this blog carefully. CCD.

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