The economy and ST

Yesterday was a busy day. I first went to the dentist, who replaced several amalgam fillings with a composite filling. He and his wife did an excellent job and I am really grateful to them. I am glad to be rid of that toxic waste, which can possibly aggravate dystonia. And when I look in the mirror now, my teeth are all white (well, sort of, at least).

Then I had a meeting with my employer. My current employment agreement will expire in August, and he now told me that he won’t renew the agreement because of my ST. He suggested that, due to my excellent, hard work, I possibly might be able to work for him as an independent consultant. “That will be best for everyone involved. I just cannot give you a new employment agreement. Period.”

“The best for everyone”…  What can I say?

So much for the support from “the economy”. I’ll just have to rely on myself. Exactly one week from now I will be in the plane to Seoul!

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